• uncomfortable feelings could determine our thoughts….

    Here we are again on the brink of another Mercury retrograde period, the third and final one of this year. The planet will station retrograde in the sign of Scorpio at 27°38’ (antiscion 2°22’ Aquarius) and will station direct on 19th November at 11°45’ Scorpio (antiscion 18°15’ Aquarius) Scorpio is a fixed Water sign.

    A lot of secrets could come out whilst Mercury transits the enigmatic sign of Scorpio. Mainly because Mercury in Scorpio is a great detective, uncovering things that some or most of us would rather pull the carpet over.

    Mercury might also go overboard in insults when and if perceiving wrong-doing and ideas and thoughts could get very fixed and obsessive too.

    On the plus side with this transit…nothing, absolutely nothing, will be taboo (conversation-wise)!

    So, during this retrograde you might like re-elaborate and/or re-formulate whatever might have come up over the past 27 days so that it can be dealt with in an appropriate way once the retrograde period is over. Mercury in the Water signs is about emotional habits and responses and it activates our feeling functions.

    Mercury retrogrades have become publicly acknowledged as moments when plans, journeys, appointments etc. go notably haywire. Being in the watery sign of Scorpio some doubt or past trauma may present themselves. This will obviously be a great time to re-think, re-do, re-plan whatever we had in mind before the retrograde period started, that is if we are able to make any sense out of our dark thoughts and obsessive communication style during that period!

    The persons most affected by this period will be those with planets and/or angles between 29-10 Gemini and Virgo as well as the other two mutable signs of Sagittarius and Pisces.

    Some technical information about Mercury and its retrograde cycle from astrologer Erin Sullivan:

    “Mercury’s stations always occur when the planet is farthest from the Sun in longitude so when it appears stationary, it is either travelling toward or directly away from the Earth. When Mercury is at its greatest eastern elongation (Epimetheus) it appears as an evening star and is stationary retrograde. It is heading towards Earth in its orbit, symbolically “bringing home the knowledge of experience”. This phase demands careful consideration and retrospection.

    When Mercury is at its greatest western elongation (Prometheus) and a morning star, it stations direct, moving away from the Earth in its orbit. This phase of the cycle signals the time when risk and adventure are the prime motivating forces.

    The Epimethean phase is a time of reaping results whilst the Promethean phase is symbolized by the need to move away from introspection and experiment, often recklessly, using only inner guidelines.”

    The Sabian symbol for 28° Scorpio: “The King of the Fairies approaching his domain:” Indicating the capacity in man to recognise and to pay homage to an integrating Principle at the core of all existence.

    For the antiscion at 3° Aquarius: “A deserter from the navy.” Indicating the individual’s self-realisation through a crucial repudiation of a collective status which has become unbearable.

    “We only irritate ourselves when we scratch at an itch that no longer exists.” Jason N Versey



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