• Confusion reigns and we have to make some sense of it!

    On the 5th of March we will have the first Mercury retrograde station of 2019. The planet apparently seems to stop in its tracks at the very end of the sign of Pisces (29°38’) before beginning its seemingly backward motion to reach 16°05’ Pisces where it will station direct on 28th March.

    Mercury entered Pisces on the 10th of February so by now we should be aware if not accustomed to the dreamy nature of this sign – have you been feeling mentally fuzzy too?

    Mercury retrogrades have become publicly acknowledged as moments when plans, journeys, appointments etc. go notably haywire. Being in the watery sign of Pisces a certain unclarity and even confusion are bound to be experienced. This will obviously be a great time to re-think, re-do, re-plan whatever we had in mind before the retrograde period started, that is if we were able to make any sense out of our garbled thoughts and communication style during that period!

    The persons most affected by this period will be those with planets and/or angles between 29-14 Gemini and Virgo as well as the other two mutable signs of Sagittarius and Pisces.

    Gemini and Virgo, both ruled by Mercury, may respond differently to the signs their ruling planet moves through on its apparent journey backwards. Virgo, being an Earth sign, mixes more willingly with the Watery signs, acting as a container for them and, forming an opposition to Pisces, there is often common ground upon which to work out a compromise upon. Gemini, an Air sign, finds the Water signs very confusing and Pisces particularly so since they face each other at 90° in the zodiac, Air signs are rational, emotions disturb them, Water signs are empathetic they understand reason and logic with great difficulty so this retrograde will certainly be harder for Gemini than Virgo.

    The Sabian symbol for 30° Pisces: “A majestic rock formation resembling a face is idealized by a boy who takes it as his ideal of greatness, and as he grows up, begins to look like it.” Indicating the power of clearly visualised ideals to mold the life of the visualizer.

    For 17° Pisces: “An Easter Parade.” Indicating the capacity inherent in all great sociocultural images to unite the members of a community in a display of excellence.

    “The most confused we ever get is when we’re trying to convince our heads of something our heart knows is a lie.”  Karen Marie Moning

    Is your chart involved in this Mercury retrograde period?


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    Artwork: myskypi2019