Time to rethink plans on a more humanitarian basis

    Mercury makes its first retrograde station of the year at 10°20’ Aquarius (antiscion 19°40 Scorpio), over the last 12 days (since it entered Aquarius) we should have gotten used to this rather aloof, Air sign Mercury. The retrograde period will end on 3rd February when Mercury will be at 24°22’ Capricorn (antiscion 05°38’ Sagittarius).

    When the retrograde period of Mercury occurs in an Air sign, rationality reigns as we may feel the need to examine our relationships from a less emotionally-involved perspective. However, during this particular retrograde, Mercury re-enters the sign of Capricorn on the 25-26th January and only on the 14th February returns to the sign of Aquarius.

    Gemini and Virgo, both ruled by Mercury, may respond differently to the signs their ruling planet moves through on its journey backwards. Virgo, being an Earth sign finds the Air signs (Aquarius) rather too rational and in the head and this could produce a bout of criticism from precise Virgo who likes planning on a more practical level, however during Mercury’s stay in Capricorn, Virgo will find itself more on the same wavelength. Gemini, an Air sign, is at home with Aquarian energy appreciating their logical, future-oriented way of thinking but not so when Mercury re-enters Capricorn as this could put a damper on any impractical ideas. Of course, the retrograde movement alters the way Mercury is expressed and makes it more an internal, inward journey rather than an expansive outward thrust.

    As always, the usual suggestions apply to the Mercury retrograde: great for putting “re” in front of everything, planning but waiting for the direct station, before acting. Expecting possible delays in transport of all kinds, upheavals in the planning of appointments, electronic equipment going haywire etc. Avoiding signing contracts (where possible, but again contracts are between people so it’s a retrograde season for everyone and if its “bad” for one it may be “good” for the other party).

    During its retrograde in Capricorn Mercury will make the last 2 conjunctions with Pluto (the 1st one was on December 30th) the subsequent ones at 26°51’ Capricorn on January 28th with Mercury R and then at 27°16’ Capricorn with Mercury direct. This could indicate powerful words, lob-sided thinking or devastating/mind-blowing news.

    The Sabian symbol for 11° Aquarius: “During a silent hour, a man receives a new inspiration which may change his life.” Indicating the need to rely on inner inspiration and guidance at the start of new developments.

    For the antiscion at 20° Scorpio: “A woman draws away two dark curtains closing the entrance to a sacred pathway.” Indicating the revelation to the human consciousness of what lies beyond dualistic knowledge.


    Rudhyar D. (1974) “An Astrological Mandala: the cycles of transformations and its 360 symbolic phases”. p 203, 255, Vintage Books Edition, Random House Inc., New York, USA

    Artwork: myskypie2022