Slow and steady in the sign of the bull

    On the 3rd of June Mercury will station direct at 26°06’ Taurus (antiscion 3°54’ Leo) after a 20-day retrograde period. Mercury has two types of retrograde cycles. The first type is when Mercury moves fairly quickly and backtracks around 14 degrees, during the second type the planet moves much more slowly in his retrograde movement covering only 9 degrees. The second type is considered the most problematic since the planet is renowned for its Mercurial (speedy) traits and dragging its feet whilst proceeding backwards can cause all kinds of problems.

    Mercury stations on the Fixed Star Algol, commonly known for “not being able to cope” and “losing one’s head”, the conjunction to Mercury could indicate some kind of hysterical response to declarations, threats or lies.

    There are quite a lot of things going on in the Mercury station chart: Mercury is in a separating square to Saturn, applying a trine aspect to Pluto, in a separating sextile from a very strong OOB Moon in Cancer, in a separating sextile to Neptune and parallel Uranus. Also, there is a contraparallel between Sun and Pluto.

    Out of the box (Uranus) decisions (Mercury) about rules (Saturn) could have been suggested on the spur of strong emotions (OOB Moon in Cancer) but are rather hazy (Neptune) on a practical level (Saturn). Nevertheless, they are very convincing (Pluto) however there could be someone who would lose the power struggle (contraparallel Sun-Pluto) if these decisions were to be adopted.

    During this retrograde period we have had the opportunity to re-organise our plans and thoughts and now is the time to put them into practice.

    The Sabian symbol for 27° Taurus: “An old Indian woman selling the artefacts of her tribe to passers-by.” Indicating peaceful adaptation to collective needs.

    For the antiscion at 4° Leo: “A formally dressed elderly man stands near trophies he brought back from a hunting expedition. Indicating the masculine will to conquer his animal nature and to impress his peers with his skill in performing the ancient traditional power rituals.

    How did this Mercury retrograde go for you?


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