• Mercury stations direct in VirgoMERCURY STATIONS DIRECT

    Mercury stations direct at 08°00’ Virgo (antiscion 22° Aries) only a few hours after the New Moon in Virgo and opposite the Saturn SR station at 07°12’ Pisces last June. This opposition could bring back a certain narrowmindedness as we concentrate ourselves on the small details (Mercury in Virgo) perhaps to contrast the fear of losing oneself in the vastness (Saturn in Pisces), it’s certainly a good time to talk things over with someone whose opinion you respect (the opposition aspect, trying to find a compromise).

    Just to recap what might have occurred during this retrograde period:

    This Mercury retrograde in an Earth sign could have involved re-thinking what tangible results we have so far obtained in life, if our basic needs are being met, if we feel safe in our environment. So, we may have found fault with our actual status quo and asked ourselves what we might be able to do to change things.

    Any stories you want to share?

    The Sabian symbol for 9° Virgo: “An expressionist painter at work:” Indicating the urge to express one’s individualised sense of value regardless of tradition.

    For the antiscion at 22° Aries: “The gate to the garden of all fulfilled desires.” Indicating abundance made possible by human togetherness and cooperation.

    “Don’t look back, you’re not going that way.” Anon



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