That’s the beauty of argument, if you argue correctly, you’re never wrong.”  C. Buckle

     Only a few hours after Jupiter stations direct, Mercury too makes his station at 10°07’ Libra (antiscion) 19°53’ Pisces.

    These last twenty days have certainly provided an opportunity to rethink future plans and now is the time to put those plans in action especially regarding relationships or financial matters.

    In the sign of Libra, Mercury finds its more tactful side, eager to please (or rather eager not to have to discuss/argue) it is at its complacent best here. A master of playing with words but even when critical never seems to be offensive.

    On the downside, Mercury in Libra finds it difficult to reach a conclusion to any matter on hand. Fearful of what others might say or think, eager to please and seemingly wanting to do the best for both sides yet with the nagging uneasiness that the best for the other maybe the worst for the self.

    The Sabian symbol for 11° Libra: “A professor peering over his glasses at his students.” Indicating problems attending the transmission of knowledge in a special cultural setup.

    For the antiscion at 20° Pisces: “A table set for an evening meal.” Indicating an indication that in the end and at the appointed time the individual’s needs will be met among those to whom he is linked by a spiritual (or biological) web of energies.

    “I can’t tell you the key to success, but the key to failure is trying to please everyone.” Ed Sheeran


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