Mercury stations direct at 08°08’ Capricorn (antiscion 21°52’ Sagittarius), the second planet this month to do so.

    Mercury is stationing exactly quincunx Mars (which stationed direct on the 12th of this month) and they have mutual reception (Mercury is in the sign of exaltation of Mars and Mars is ruled by Mercury). Quincunxes are “frustrating” aspects that demand action to be resolved. Anger and irritation may be the theme of the moment but the mutual reception between these planets means that they will help each other to find a solution.

    When Mercury retrogrades in an Earth sign we often ask ourselves what the tangible results of our life might be. Security matters and practical concerns seem to be often on our minds. Perhaps you’ve been looking for new possibilities or new ways of earning money during this period or again, perhaps you have just been too self-critical considering all the pros and cons of any major decision you might have wanted to make and now the retrograde period is over you can go ahead with those plans.

    Sometimes when our personal chart is affected by the retrograde period we find ourselves bogged down or held up for some reason with things going haywire no matter how carefully we plan them. Other times hold-ups just seem to happen from nowhere and technical objects break down without warning.

    The Sabian symbol for the direct station at 9° Capricorn: “An angel carrying a harp.” Indicating the revelation of the spiritual meaning and purpose at the core of any life situation.

    For the antiscion at 22° Sagittarius: “A Chinese laundry.” Indicating the making use of one’s special racial-cultural background in order to survive and prosper in an alien environment.

    How was this Mercury retrograde for you?

    “Questions from earlier circle like buzzards. Am I running away or moving forward?” Doug Cooper, Outside In



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