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    Let’s move forward with optimism…

    After a twenty-two-day period of retrograde motion, first in the Earth sign of Capricorn and then in the Fire sign of Sagittarius, Mercury now stops in his tracks at 22°11’ Sagittarius (antiscion 07°49’ Capricorn) before slowly picking up speed and moving forward to re-enter Capricorn on the 23rd January.

    As the late Erin Sullivan so eloquently wrote in her book “Retrograde Planets”:

    “Mercury retrogrades in Fire signs often test our ability to respond to life with spontaneous energy and to be more creative with our decisions for change.”

    Now you’re ready to activate all those plans and programmes for the future that you’ve hopefully been reviewing, that is, providing that all the delays and hiccups in daily life haven’t stressed you out too much. For me personally this retrograde period has been fraught with minor problems of all kinds.

    This, for some, may involve purchasing that new phone, computer, car or machine that you’ve been pondering, since all these things come under Mercury’s reign and may have broken during this period. The same applies for sorting out any communication muddles and getting them settled and now is, of course, a great time to set off on a journey.

    The Sabian symbol for 23° Sagittarius: “A group of immigrants as they fulfil the requirements of entry into the new country.” Indicating the conscious acceptance of the ways of a new stage of experience, in readiness for the opportunities it will present.

    For the antiscion at 8° Capricorn: “In a sun-lit home domesticated birds sings joyously.” Indicating the wholesome happiness which subservience to the ideals and patterns of a well-established culture brings to those who accept them unreservedly.

    “Insight is not a lightbulb that goes off inside our heads. It is a flickering candle that can easily be snuffed out.” Malcolm Gladwell, Blink: The Power of Thinking Without Thinking

    What did the Mercury retrograde period bring up for you? Want to share?


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