• 4482779_thumbnailMercury in Capricorn will square Uranus in Aries at 16°34’ on December 20th.

    Mercury in Capricorn (an Earth sign), at his best, doesn’t want to be thought of as stupid and demands to be taken seriously. He is very realistic and always keeps the essential in mind. Persistant and sober, he thinks (a lot) before he speaks. On the other hand, at his worst, he could also be too inflexible, narrow-minded, cold and humourless, or even monotonous and boring.

    Uranus in Aries (a Fire sign) insists of having freedom of will and if he isn’t allowed this then he becomes an inconsiderate individual.

    A square aspect is a road block on our pathway.

    Capricorn and Aries are both Cardinal signs which have the quality of new beginnings and change and they usually are concerned with the central conflicts and issues of life. Although great at starting things they often lack the staying power to see them through to the end even though Capricorn does bring a certain stubbornness and resolution with itself. Here we have two Cardinal signs in very different elements: Earth (Capricorn) and Fire (Aries). The combination of the Earth (practicality) and Fire (intuition) elements often denotes a lack of tact and the urge to do things “whatever”.

    So, what to expect with the Mercury-Uranus square? Due to the inflexibility of Capricorn this could be a rather nerve-wrecking day when plans don’t go as expected and there might be upsets and surprises where you hadn’t planned them. Since the thought process could also be nervous and scattered this is obviously not a good moment for efforts of concentration so it’s better to leave any kind of study or strategies for tomorrow.

    On the plus side it could be a good transit to put decisions that have been made previously in a careful, thought-out manner into sudden action.

    Planets or angles at 16-17° of the Cardinal signs of Aries-Cancer-Libra-Capricorn are also to be taken into consideration with this transit.

    Anything to tell?