• ….a suddenly serious mood descends

    Today, Mercury barges out of Sagittarius with the usual bluntness and awkwardness that often characterises his sojourn there and bounces into Capricorn. He just manages to get his foot through the door when he crashes into Saturn (2°50’ on 13th January), ruler of Capricorn, and newly arrived in his austere palace after almost 30 years of zodiacal wandering and who sternly warns him to walk and not run. After fun-loving Sagittarius this will certainly hit him with force, dampening his mood and deepening his thoughts and encouraging all of us to think, plan and talk in a much more serious fashion.

    Proceeding thus with caution Mercury’s next important encounter is an easy sextile with dreamy Neptune in Pisces (12°24’ 20th January), a sound planning of our dreams could be possible, at least it’s worth a thought before Mercury collides into transformational Pluto on the 24th (19°34’) and the day after sextiles Jupiter in Scorpio (20°32’) when thoughts might become obsessive or, better, finely tuned to being on top of things and having good fortune on our part as we delve into the details.

    The last contact of Mercury during its stay in Capricorn will be a square to Uranus in Aries (24°51’) a flurry of new ideas and ways to forge ahead as it enters the genius sign of Aquarius.

    Do you find your thoughts less carefree now?