• Mercury in VirgoMERCURY IN VIRGO

    From spicy to dry…..and nit-picky and worrisome come to my mind

    Mercury in Virgo is very analytical and rather sceptical and could also become quite fastidious, even nagging, in its love of detail.

    Mercury rules Virgo and it is also the sign where it finds its exaltation. Mercury also rules Gemini, here it collects any information it can lay its hands on, in Virgo however only information that can be useful is searched for and retained to be later used in a creative way.

    Fortunately, the stay is brief, just over two and a half weeks.

    It’s certainly going to be an interesting ride, particularly for the Mutable signs of Virgo, Sagittarius, Pisces and Gemini.

    During its stay in Virgo Mercury will make the following aspects:

    16th August: trine retrograde Uranus (18°53’): don’t be too surprised if some astonishing ideas come out of your mouth.

    21st August: opposite retrograde Neptune (24°43’): just dream the day away.

    22nd August: trine retrograde Pluto (26°36’): a good time to have a look inside yourself.

    “Done right, precision can help clarify, plus it’s fun.” Betsy Hodges

    Artwork: myskypie2022