• …..and nit-picky and worrisome come to my mind

    Mercury in Virgo is very analytical and rather sceptical and could also become quite fastidious, even nagging, with its love of detail and work and health being the main topics of conversation and interest. It’s also known for its craftiness (in the good sense of being handy but also in its deceitful guise too) in this sign as opposed to the dexterity and skill of pulling things out from under your nose that it has in Gemini, its other home sign.

    During its transit of Virgo, Mercury will make the following aspects:

    7th September: it will form a Grand Earth Trine at 2° with Uranus retrograde in Taurus and stationary Saturn in Capricorn. Trines in the Earth element can be thought to be comforting, practical and wanting to maintain the status quo, the one thing that, unfortunately, Uranus in Taurus finds impossible to do. Expect some innovative changes to surface willingly or not!

    13th September: Mercury opposite Neptune in Pisces at 14°, thoughts may become muddled as we strive to find a practical use for our ideas or someone may try to put the fog around us so that we find it difficult to discern what’s actually going on.

    15th September: Mercury trine Pluto retrograde in Capricorn at 18°, now’s the time to get to the bottom of any questions you might have pending.

    19th September: Mercury conjunct Sun at 27° Virgo, a good day for making your point but don’t get too hung up about people not agreeing with you.

    I seem to have written rather a lot about Mercury lately which is perfectly in line with me since I am a Gemini Sun and Mars with a Virgo Saturn. Actually there is another reason why Mercury particularly interests me this year: it’s because Mercury is Lord of the Year* in my chart as from my last birthday in May (and until my next one). This means that I’m taking more notice than usual about what the planet itself is doing as well as any transits to natal, progressed and solar arc Mercury and also to the transits that the planets ruled by Mercury in my chart and their respective houses are presently undergoing.

    The Lord of the Year or Profections are cyclic events which occur every 12 years and are calculated by advancing the Ascendant or any other point in your chart by 30° for each year after birth. It’s a good idea to use whole sign houses for this method which has been borrowed by many modern astrologers from traditional astrology to implement their predictive techniques.

     “Worry often gives a small thing a big shadow.” Swedish Proverb


    *to learn more about this and other traditional techniques used in predictive astrology I suggest, as a starting point, Ben Dykes’ excellent book “Traditional Astrology for Today, an Introduction”, Dykes B (2011), The Cazimi Press, Minneapolis, Minnesota USA

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