slow and steady when mercury rides the bull….

    Mercury enters Taurus on the 10-11th April depending on where you are in the world. Mercury in this Fixed, Earth sign can be associated with common sense, down-to-earth thinking and practical intelligence with an eye on security and self-worth issues. When contrasted in the natal chart, he could turn narrow-minded, stubborn, inflexible and suspicious of new ideas and theories. In all cases he takes his time to make decisions but once made they usually become irrevocable.

    Mercury transits are fast. During the planet’s stay in Taurus the speed will be extra fast at 2°+ per day so the following aspects will last less than a day.

    Mercury will make the following aspects during his brief stay in Taurus (all dates GMT):

    18 April: sextile Venus (13°32’) and four hours later conjunct Uranus (13°48’), if I suddenly say I love you would you mind?

    24 April: square Saturn (23°53’) and then 9 hours later sextile Neptune, unusual thoughts and ideas come to mind and then may be dissolved in an atmosphere of surreality.

    27 April: sextile Jupiter (27°11’), big ideas or big mouth? Could be an opportunity to not talk.

    28 April: trine Pluto (28°35’), thoughts may pop out of the past and some mysteries might be solved.

    Taurus rules the 2nd house in traditional astrology and so it regards all things connected to our value system, not only our monetary and material comforts but also our self-esteem.

    Which house is mercury transiting in your chart? 

    Artwork: myskypie2022