the great revealer….

    Just 12 hours after Venus enters Capricorn, Mercury also makes a move.

    A lot of secrets could come out when Mercury transits the enigmatic sign of Scorpio. Mainly because Mercury in Scorpio is a great detective, uncovering things that some or most of us would rather pull the carpet over.

    Mercury might also go overboard in insults when and if perceiving wrong-doing and ideas and thoughts could get very fixed and obsessive too.

    On the plus side with this transit…nothing, absolutely nothing, will be taboo (conversation-wise)!

    Some interesting aspects:

    6 November: sextile Venus (01°09’) – sweet talk

    10 November: conjunct Mars (07°22’) and square Saturn (07°39’) – ponder your words before speaking them and don’t rush anything because falling is a possibility.

    13 November: opposite Uranus R (12°25’) – changing views quickly, being a poor listener, speaking without thinking, freedom of thought and amazing insights.

    18 November: trine Neptune R in Pisces (20°26’) – creative thinking, day-dreaming, plans that come up now could be become reality when Neptune turns direct beginning December.

    20 November: square Jupiter (24°11’) – optimism but don’t be sloppy.

    21 November: sextile Pluto in Capricorn (24°48’) – a great moment to solve puzzles as you are able to penetrate below the surface of anything you care to put your mind to and the answers you come up with will be the real truth for you but you may have a hard job convincing others of this!

    “Don’t get too deep, it leads to over thinking, and over thinking leads to problems that don’t even exist in the first place.” Jayson Engay


    Artwork: myskypie2021