• Mercury enters LeoMERCURY ENTERS LEO

    All I’m askin’, is for a little respect when you get home (just a little bit)”*

    After a short stay in the homely sign of Cancer, Mercury now enters flamboyant Leo.

    In Leo, all planets want to be respected according to their nature. Mercury in Leo wants to be respected for his opinions and views and in desiring this, self-confidence often turns into bravado and presumption.

    Mercury will make the following aspects during its stay in Leo:

    23 July: trine Jupiter (8°40’ Leo-Aries) – don’t brag, it gets on people’s nerves!

    26 July: square Mars (14°40’ Leo-Taurus) – slow down and don’t be so touchy!

    28 July: square Uranus (18°37’ Leo-Taurus) – ideas, plans and motorised vehicles are all moving fast today, be careful.

    30-31 July: opposite Saturn R (22°57’ Leo-Aquarius) – road block ahead, your ideas may not meet everyone’s approval.

    “I’m sitting pretty on the throne and there’s nothing more I want except to be alone” anon



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    *lyrics from Aretha Franklin’s “Respect” song