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    Mercury is a little out of sync in Cancer, finding some minor dignity only between 10-20° of the sign. Being a Water sign, Cancer is far too emotional for “all-in-my-head” Mercury and may mean that we have an overflow of rationality when it comes to sentiments and feelings or, our poetic vein and story-telling could reach new heights!

    Mercury will make the following aspects during its transit through Cancer:

    Trine Jupiter R on July 12th (01°24’) – plan ahead and think outside the box.

    Sextile Uranus on July 20th (14°24’) – a quick grasp on our intellect could further us along well but we could also become confused by so many quick thoughts coming in at once.

    Trine Neptune R on 24th July (22°58’) – distinguishing fantasy from reality could be difficult but if you’re a fairy story writer then this is a great time for your imagination!

    Opposite Pluto R on 25th July (25°22’) – powers of observation will be more acute but we could become obsessed by the same thoughts.

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