• Mercury in AquariusMERCURY ENTERS AQUARIUS 4-5 FEBRUARY 2024

    Abstract thinking or unusual facts?

    In Aquarius, a sign co-ruled by Saturn (traditional) and Uranus (modern), Mercury is even more thirsty for knowledge, always in search of new ideas and technologies but ready to reject or even abandon them as soon as new (Uranus) becomes normal (Saturn).

    Mercury in Aquarius will give us new visions, make us aware of new possibilities, allow us to envision an ideal world or society, which might be great as a theory, but much less so as a practicality.

    Aquarius is a fixed Air sign so here Mercury is at home in the mind and intellect but less so on a basic gut feeling level and could get very stubborn once a decision has been made.

    Mercury will make the following aspects:

    05 February: conjunct Pluto (00°20’ Aquarius and well within orb of the Grand Conjunction formed by Jupiter and Saturn at 00°21’ Aquarius on the 21st December 2020 thus actioning it once again). This aspect, although brief, could bring forth a profound reasoning about how to go forward in the new era that was initiated with the Grand Conjunction or it could mean a misuse of communication for one’s own end.

    10 February: square Jupiter (08°23’ Aquarius-Taurus) – this could also be a thought-provoking aspect as we search for meaning or it could be a continuum of smug arrogant thinking that leads us nowhere.

    16-17 February: square Uranus (19°16’ Aquarius-Taurus) – progressive thinking or leaping around from one idea to the other at lightning speed.

    “Which do you think is more patient, an idea or a hope?” Max Porter, Lanny

    Artwork: myskypie2024