From Water to Fire…from emotion to inspiration.




    It’s time to wake up as Mercury and Venus both leave dreamy Pisces (where Sun, Neptune and Chiron are still transiting) for daring and wilful Aries, a Cardinal Fire sign. Empathy and dreams morph into intuition and action.

    Mercury the planet of thought, ideas, pranks and motion moves onto more solid ground as he leaves the sign of his detriment and fall and enters the more wilful sign of Aries on the 6th of March where he could act like an unruly child. Here, the planet will stay longer than usual since the Mercury retrograde period falls in Aries from 22nd March to 14th April.

    Mercury in Aries is rather impulsive both in movement and speech, a great time for voicing your ideas but careful about quarrelling, acting irrationally or moving too fast because mishaps and accidents could occur especially when Mercury squares Saturn in Capricorn on the following dates: Mercury direct at 8° on 11th March, Rx on 4th April at 9° and again on 25th April with Mercury direct and Saturn Rx. Even more caution will be required on the 12th of May when Mercury, just before its conjunction to disruptive Uranus, squares Mars in Capricorn at 28°.

    Other aspects with the outer planets are: Square Pluto Rx at 21° on 6th May and conjunct Uranus at 29° on 13th May.

    The very next day (7th March), Venus, the planet of values (what WE value and desire), love and finances, follows Mercury into the sign of Aries leaving the sign of her exaltation to enter that of her detriment where she is at least at ease in her surroundings to become the warrior goddess.

    In Aries, Venus is in her mythical lover’s den (one of them, the other being in Scorpio). Venus in Aries is full of bravado, actually she always gets what she wants in any sign, but her she’s more open and adventurous in Aries, sexual, but perhaps not sensuous, and certainly not “comfy” here.

    So, since Venus deals with values of some kind we might want to acknowledge that these include our self-esteem too. In fact, there is a lovely observation in the book “Planets” edited by Joan McEvers which quotes astrologer Robert Glasscock as stating:

    “The glyph we use for Venus in astrology resembles a hand-mirror”

    continuing “what you value is a reflection of who you are so what we love is a reflection of ourselves”. Isn’t that a lovely way of conveying one of Venus’s meanings?

    During the stay in Aries, Venus will make the following aspects to the outer planets:

    Square Saturn at 8° on 13th March, square Pluto at 21° on 24th March and conjunct Uranus at 27° on 29th March.

    “…our impulses are too strong for our judgement sometimes” T. Hardy, Tess of the D’Urbervilles

    Are you ready to defend yourself?


    McEvers J., (1989), Planets, ‘Venus’, p. 129, Llewellyn Publications, St Paul, MN, USA

    Images: Aries Fire, Istock, Post-modern birth of Venus by Flora Borsi, a Hungarian artist, Aries Zodiac Sign (Pintarest)

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