Handle with care…

    Over a three-day period we will have a very volatile conjunction taking place in Taurus; first Uranus will conjoin the Lunar North Node at 18°41’ (antiscion 11°19’ Leo), then Mars will conjoin the Lunar North Node at 18°27’ (antiscion 11°27’ Leo) and finally Mars will conjoin Uranus at 18°42’ (antiscion 11°18’ Leo).

    Furthermore, to re-enforce this conjunction, Uranus and the North Lunar Node will be within a 1-degree orb of declination from 14th July to 28th September. Uranus has been at 18° Taurus since 8th July and due to its retrograde station (24th August) it will remain on this degree until the 12th of October. The Fixed signs (Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, Aquarius) between 15-21° will be particularly affected and care should be taken not to rock the boat in anyway and be as flexible as possible to changing events.

    As well as those persons with 18 degrees of the Fixed signs prominent in their natal charts this conjunction will also affect those people born in the early 1950’s who have Pluto in Leo (square the transiting stellium in Taurus) and Neptune in Libra (quincunx the transiting stellium in Taurus).

    On a personal level this is a very explosive conjunction giving us the urge to do big things but we need to be cautious especially around cutting tools and devices that can burn us. A more constructive way to use this energy might be to throw yourself into a completely new and innovative project that consumes a lot of your raw energy and helps you assert your uniqueness in a better way.

    This tight conjunction of the two planets with the Lunar North Node in Taurus is quite rare, Mars has an orbit of approximately 2 years, Uranus’s orbit is 84 years and the Lunar nodes have an orbit of approximately 18.6 years. It’s not hard to understand that getting all three in one sign at the same time is not easy! The last time there was a similar conjunction but not so tight was in 1855:

    16/03/1855   Uranus conjunct NN exact                13°55’53” Taurus

    11/05/1855   Mars conjunct NN exact                    12°51’10” Taurus

    17/05/1855   Mars conjunct Uranus exact              17°13’42” Taurus

    So, let’s have a look at what was happening in the world at that time.

    During the 1850’s food preservation, food safety and food transport took a monumental leap particularly with the advent of refrigeration.

    Financial panic in 1854 lead to depression in 1855-1857 in the US.

    Tremendous earthquakes occurred in Edo, Japan and Bursa Turkey in 1855.

    There were also several wars raging in the world, to name a couple: the Crimean War and the Siege of Sevastopol (1854-55) and the Nepalese invasion of Tibet was initiated (1855).

    What might we expect this time on a more global level? A continuity of the volatility of the stock markets with an all-time low or an all-time high in some sectors, cryptocurrencies could also be affected since Uranus brings in a technological twist and the North Lunar Nord promises a futuristic turn. Earthquakes and volcanic eruptions are not to be dismissed since Taurus is a Fixed Earth sign and Uranus and Mars are more than capable of really shaking it up. Gunshots and wounding are also known to happen under Mars-Uranus contacts as are of course all types of warfare. New farming or food techniques could also make the headlines, crickets, for example, have already become mainstream additives to snacks we currently enjoy! And that, for many, is really a futuristic if not surreal thing! Our physical body is also our most precious possession so here too we may find new ways to dress, adorn and generally take care of ourselves that free us of the stereotypes we now follow. Who knows…what is important I believe is that we open up to the new instead of clinging onto the past.

    The Sabian symbol for 19° Taurus: “A new continent rising out of the ocean.” Indicating the surge of new potentiality after the crisis.

    For the antiscion at 12° Leo: “An evening party of adults on a lawn illuminated by fancy lanterns.” Indicating group relaxation in fashionable surroundings as an escape from work routine.

    “If I had asked people what they wanted, they would have said faster horses.”—Henry Ford



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    Artwork: myskiepie2022