• Mars-pic-110x300After the quest for truth begins the real psychological depth of this retrograde period…

    Mars has been in retrograde motion in the Fire sign of Sagittarius since the 17th of April now, on May 28th , he enters one of his own signs and the most profound one at that.

    Retrograde periods for Mars occur once every two years and since he can be a trouble maker for many whilst in direct motion he could reveal himself to be even so more during his retrograde season.

    You may have been feeling depleted energetically during this last six weeks or so as you get used to the deeper psychological activity of having to go over past actions and plans relative to the house where Mars is now transiting in order to see how these can be brought to completion in a satisfactory way. If you have found yourself quarrelling or being at odds with others during this time then maybe you should contemplate in what measure your actions are part of this interplay even at a subconscious level and even more so now that Mars has re-entered his own sign.

    Mars in Scorpio could lead you to face unresolved decisions or plans of spiritual importance that require an emotional response. If you are unwilling or unable to bring these forth then you may find yourself brooding and seething whilst you search for guidance on an inner level…you may also meet this kind of behaviour in others if you have been projecting this type of problem.

    The sign of Scorpio is a bit like a pressure cooker….if the deep, passionate and somewhat combative energy can be directed outwards then the pressure decreases. If, on the other hand, the energy is internalized then it could cause health problems related to bottled-up anger or rage giving fatigue and irritability or even frustration. Often the Martian energy here is difficult to control and can explode at very short notice leading to riots, fights and all sorts of mishaps on a personal and mundane level.

    How are you coping with this Mars retrograde period? Which house is Mars transiting in your natal chart and which houses have Scorpio and Aries on the cusp?