• Mars enters CancerMARS OOB ENTERS CANCER 25 MARCH 2023

    From Air to Water….from rational to emotional

    On March 25th  Mars, the warrior, the womanizer, the risk taker, the argumentative one, the impatient, finally leaves Gemini after 7 whole months and enters the sign of Cancer, the sign of emotions, the most romantic of the whole zodiac, the sensitive one. How the heck can Mars feel at home here? In fact, Cancer is the sign of fall for the planet Mars, where he least feels welcome and at ease.

    Mars remains OOB until 5th May when the planet will be at 21° Cancer…when Mars is OOB we can expect the energy to be fiercer which can mean being extra courageous defending our tribe or violently angry with whoever wrongs us or ours. Mars OOB from social Gemini to home loving, domestic Cancer, expect those wild episodes of verbal rage and violence which have been so plentiful over the last months to follow suit in the sphere of emotional manifestations (from passive-aggressiveness to a rollercoaster of moods.

    Oh, certainly, there may be some good things we can say about Mars’ stay in Cancer. He becomes imaginative and creative pursuing interests independently and ambitiously, but not directly. After all Mars is the daytime ruler of the Cardinal sign Aries (and the night-time co-ruler of Scorpio) and Cancer is also a Cardinal sign but both go about taking the initiative in a very different manner. Mars could also become a caring lover in the sign of nurturing as well as being super-protective of his tribe.

    Unfortunately, however, we can say a lot more negative things about Mars in Cancer. He adds fuel to Cancer’s natural high sensitivity and moodiness becoming easily insulted and very emotional in his reactions.

    Another twist could be the passive-aggressive behaviour since Mars in Cancer is unable to express anger directly preferring to go into a bad mood, sulk or worse, accuse others by playing on their feelings of guilt and thus giving them a bad conscious.

    You could personally experience any of the above or you could meet these traits coming from someone else if you have placements in the Cardinal signs (Aries, Cancer, Libra, Capricorn).

    During its stay in Cancer, Mars will make the following aspects:

    30th March: trine Saturn (02°36’) – the right kind of energy and concentration to finish that job or chore

    25th April: sextile Uranus (18°21’) – patience may have a short string today

    15th May: trine Neptune (27°07’)– energy may be scattered and you may feel tired

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