• Mars and Jupiter will be aligned at 17°55’ in the sign of Scorpio early tomorrow afternoon (GMT). This is unusual since the last time the planets were together in Scorpio was in 1946 at 0°.

    The two planets are also in a tight sextile to Pluto in Capricorn on one side and to the Moon in Virgo on the other.

    Can we expect more sexual scandals (Jupiter and Mars in Scorpio) to be brought up from the murky depths (Scorpio) of the corporate world (Pluto in Capricorn) with even more intimate details (Moon in Virgo)? Will we have psychological energy (Mars in Scorpio) and be rational enough (Moon in Virgo) to uncover hidden truths (Jupiter in Scorpio) about our personal responsibilities (Pluto in Capricorn)?

    Will we find a buried treasure or will we become obsessed by our own power or bow down to that of another?

    To each his own!

    Is this conjunction touching any planets or angles at 15-19°in the fixed signs in your chart? Or its antiscion point at 12°05’ Aquarius?


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