• Cartoon Illustration of Mythological Greek God Ares

    On the 4th of January 2016 Mars will enter his own sign of Scorpio. Mars is the traditional ruler of Scorpio whilst Pluto is the modern ruler. He will stay in this sign until the 5th of March 2016.

    On the plus side Mars in Scorpio could give us a great amount of psychological power and prowess to help us achieve our goals. He will certainly add ambition, consistence and single-mindedness to the matters of the house which has Scorpio on the cusp in our natal chart.

    On the downside we may be tempted to exploit, manipulate or blackmail others in order to gain personal power or we may meet these characteristics in their projected form and have to deal with them coming from others. We may also become obsessed with some specific plan we have in mind and in this way Mars in Scorpio could become self-destructive through a certain difficulty in releasing our anger in a measured way thus turning it inwards towards ourselves.

    It could also give strong sexual impulses inducing us to become very passionate and totally without taboos in our relationships (for the more fortunate among us!).

    On its way through Scorpio, Mars will make the following aspects to other transiting planets:

    On the 5th of January it will make a square aspect to Mercury just as this latter planet stations retrograde at 1°02’ Aquarius. You, or people you meet, could be touchy and irritable or you may have to defend your ideas in some way, another effect could be a mishap whilst moving (falling during a walk, cutting your finger whilst you’re preparing a meal or even a bump with your car whilst travelling) so be careful!

    On the 17th of January it will make a trine aspect to Neptune at 8°01’ Pisces. A good moment to take action based on intuition or to become more conscious of other peoples’ needs and wants. However, please try to avoid adopting a “saviour” attitude if you’re asked to help someone in need!

    On the 3rd of February Mars will make a sextile aspect to Pluto at 16°10’ Capricorn. A time to take action to transform some part of your life with success. Bravery of any sort will also be rewarded as will working with others for group goals or objectives.

    On the 6th of February the Sun in Aquarius at 17°39’ will make a fleeting square aspect to Mars making personal challenges a little easier provided you are able to express your intentions clearly otherwise anger and irritability could take the lead.

    Which house has Scorpio on the cusp in your natal chart?