• Least resistance is perhaps the best option….

    After 7 months in home sign Aries, Mars finally moves into Taurus.

    Mars in Taurus is not exactly at home and could take a little while to get used to slowing down and being nice. Mars here is a bit like a time bomb, the natural aggressivity of Mars has to be calmed down and often results in pent up anger turning out as devastating rage once it surfaces.

    Mars in Taurus thrives on security, safety, routine and organization, slow to warm up but super passionate once the fire is lit.

    Another plus is that no one resists and perseveres longer than Mars in Taurus in any endeavour undertaken.

    Not that the interplay with other planets will be less harsh during Mars’ stay in Taurus than it was in Aries, it’s just how that energy is expressed that will modify the end result.

    Whilst in Aries, Mars applied 2 square aspects to Jupiter (4 August and 19 October), 2 square aspects to Saturn (24 August and 29 September) and 3 square aspects to Pluto (13 August, 5 September and 23 December). These squares were along the Cardinal, Fire-Earth, Aries-Capricorn axis, forceful action was needed to change the establishment and its rules, sometimes succeeding, sometimes not, but creating a lot of tension and frustration all the same.

    In Taurus, Mars will again be applying square aspects to Saturn (13 January, 3°) and Jupiter (23 January, 7°) along the Fixed, Earth-Air, Taurus-Aquarius axis. Mars wants to resolve conflicts and problems in a practical way in Taurus whilst Jupiter and Saturn are more mentally attuned in future-oriented, socially inspired Aquarius. Mars will certainly have the staying power and the stamina but will it be able to understand the gist of the long-term plans Jupiter and Saturn are now preparing or will anger and frustration prevail as issues seem stuck and unmovable?

    The Mars-Uranus conjunction on 20 January at 6° occurring almost midway between the square aspects to first Jupiter and then Saturn could shake matters up considerably and unexpectedly.

    However, the Mars-Neptune sextile aspect on Valentines Day (14 February at 19°) could provide further insight as to which road might be the best to take.

    How did the long stay of Mars in Aries work out for you? Care to share your story?

    Artwork: myskypie20120

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