Mars will enter his own sign of Scorpio, Mars is the traditional ruler of Scorpio whilst Pluto is the modern ruler. He will stay in this sign until the 13 December. Mars was last in Scorpio from November 2018 to January 2020.

    On the plus side Mars in Scorpio could give us a great amount of psychological power and prowess to help us achieve our goals. He will certainly add ambition, consistency and single-mindedness to the matters of the house which has Scorpio on the cusp in our natal chart.

    On the downside we may be tempted to exploit, manipulate or blackmail others in order to gain personal power or we may meet these characteristics in their projected form and have to deal with them coming from others. We may also become obsessed with some specific plan we have in mind and in this way Mars in Scorpio could become self-destructive through a certain difficulty in releasing our anger in a measured way thus turning it inwards towards ourselves.

    It could also give strong sexual impulses inducing us to become very passionate and totally without taboos in our relationships (for the more fortunate among us!).

    On its way through Scorpio, Mars will make the following aspects to other transiting planets (all dates GMT):

    10 November: Mars square Saturn (Scorpio-Aquarius 07°40’): slow and steady if you want to succeed but don’t allow fear to thwart your endeavours.

    17 November: Mars opposite retrograde Uranus (Scorpio-Taurus 12°15’): acting impulsively or lashing out from a dark place may not be the right answer. Letting go of the tension a little at a time through a focussed outlet will certainly be a better use of this aspect.

    29 November: Mars trine retrograde Neptune (Scorpio-Pisces 20°24’): relax if you’re feeling tired today.

    06 December: Mars sextile Pluto (Scorpio-Capricorn 25°10’): a game change may be necessary and will be possible today if you grab the right opportunity.

    08 December: Mars square Jupiter (Scorpio-Aquarius 26°24’): a huge amount of energy, use it wisely and don’t take unnecessary risks.

    Which house has Scorpio on the cusp in your natal chart?

    Artwork: myskypie2021