• …and it’s time to take that leap of faith

    After just over two months in the sign of Scorpio, which it rules together with Pluto, and perhaps a little worse for wear, at least from a psychological point of view, Mars takes on the clothes of the philosopher (and sometimes as the self-righteous prig) as he enters the optimistic, truth-loving sign of Sagittarius where he will stay until the 17th of March when he enters Capricorn and also goes OOB*.

    Here in Sagittarius he will be able to express his energy in a more open way with less emphasis on the psychological battle field.

    On a global level we will still see his aptitude for fighting, this time for or against belief systems as opposed to mind games and this will be particularly evident on foreign fronts through waging war in the name of some god or other. Sagittarius doesn’t appreciate limits and impositions and Mars likes being “right” so some self-righteousness and preaching may also be part of the packet too…Mars in this sign is also rather politically clumsy as he forges ahead despite all.

    On a more personal level for those of us with planets in the mutable signs of Sagittarius, Pisces, Gemini and Virgo and particularly during the Mars-Neptune contacts there may be times when we need to rest and recuperate as our energy levels seem depleted and we feel tired.

    During his sojourn in Sagittarius he will meet up with the following outer planets:

    Antiscion Pluto in Capricorn (9°52’ Sag – 20°08’ Cap) on 13th February. This could pump-up the self-righteous characteristic of Sagittarius and manifest directly in your own behaviour or in that of those you meet if these degrees are important in your natal chart.

    Square Neptune in Pisces (13°22’) on 17th February. Feeling tired and confused could be normal as could tuning in perfectly to our dreams and aspirations – again it depends if these degrees are important in your natal chart.

    Antiscion Saturn in Capricorn (22°27’ Sag – 7°33’ Cap) on 4th March. This is the kind of energy that brings to life the restrictions and fears of the house where Saturn is transiting and which we should address.

    Trine Uranus in Aries (26°24’) on 11th March. This could help us externalise our impulsivity which tends to be rather explosive due to the fiery nature of the two signs and the unpredictability of the planets involved.

    Otherwise let’s use Mars in Sagittarius to manifest our highest hopes in the matters of the house where it is transiting in our natal chart and take that leap of faith.

    Have you any tales to tell about Mars’ long stay in Scorpio and how you hope/think things will change now he is entering Sagittarius?

    *What does it mean for a planet to be OOB? When we cast an astrological chart we use a precise locality (birth place) on the earth and from this observation point we take note of the position of the planets in the sky at the time of birth and this enables us to calculate the angles that the planets form to the given locality. Another point of reference however is the celestial equator (which is the terrestrial equator elongated into space). When planets travel beyond 23°27’ either side of the celestial equator, be it North or South, they are referred to as “out of bounds”.

    OOB planets can also be found in birth charts and special attention should be paid to them since they are considered “stronger”.

    Image: Mars by Vladimir Arandjelovic

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