…and it’s time to take that leap of faith

    After just over six weeks in the sign of Scorpio, which it rules together with Pluto, and perhaps a little worse for wear, at least from a psychological point of view, Mars takes on the clothes of the philosopher (and sometimes as the self-righteous prig) as he enters the optimistic, truth-loving sign of Sagittarius where he will stay until the 24th of January when he enters Capricorn.

    Here in Sagittarius he will be able to express his energy in a more open way with less emphasis on the psychological battle field.

    On a global level we will still see his aptitude for fighting, this time for or against belief systems as opposed to mind games and this will be particularly evident on foreign fronts through waging war in the name of some truth or other. Sagittarius doesn’t appreciate limits and impositions and Mars likes being “right” so some self-righteousness and preaching may also be part of the packet too…Mars in this sign is also rather politically clumsy as he forges ahead despite all.

    On a more personal level for those of us with planets in the mutable signs of Sagittarius, Pisces, Gemini and Virgo and particularly during the Mars-Neptune square (11th Jan 20°53’) there may be times when we need to rest and recuperate as our energy levels seem depleted and we feel tired.

    So, let us use Mars in Sagittarius to manifest our highest hopes in the matters of the house where it is transiting in our natal chart and take that leap of faith.

    Mars touches the following planets during his stay in Sagittarius (all times GMT):

    27 December: sextile Saturn (11°41’) – self-discipline might be a good thing.

    11 January: square Neptune (20°53’) – relax but don’t look for an easy way out in the face of adversity because it could backfire.


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