• From fighting for his tribe to fighting for his pride.

    Leo is a fixed sign and consequently Mars here wants to hold on to its position which it naturally assumes to be that of a successful leader, accepted by all. The Leonine energy flows in self-centred channels firmly convinced that it will always put its best foot forward and by using its magnetism and charm will get away with practically anything.

    Criticism tends to irritate Mars in Leo, however tensions soon blow over but certainly not before a dramatic and noisy tantrum!

    All times GMT.

    On the 1st of July Mars opposes a retrograde Saturn in Aquarius (12°20’) – expect blockages of some kind or a battle between the we and the me.

    On the 4th of July, Mars makes a square aspect to Uranus in Taurus (13°54’) – Mars-Uranus contacts always show rashness and suddenness of some kind but Uranus really is the wild card so we never know what exactly might (or might not) happen. Bear in mind however that some egos could be damaged.

    On the 29th of July Mars will oppose a retrograde Jupiter in Aquarius (29°52’) – this could be a big leap forward just as long as you tread carefully and don’t come across as too domineering in which case you’ll find a lot of people to quarrel with!

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