• The marathon runner…

    Mars will make its ingress into Capricorn on the same day that Mercury stations retrograde.

    Mars is still OOB as it enters Capricorn, the sign of its exaltation, it will remain OOB until the 9th of March when it will be at 11° Capricorn.

    On the 23rd of February, the day of the New Moon in Pisces and still OOB, Mars will pass over the December 2019 Solar Eclipse degree at 4° Capricorn and this could bring eclipse matters to the fore in quite a pronounced manner for those countries and persons having charts affected by this event.

    “Pure” Mars in Capricorn characteristics include ambition, discipline, persistent and even patience which is usually a feature not associated with this planet. On the harsher side it can show lack of empathy, recklessness as well as rigidity and inhibition as it sometimes struggles to contain itself.

    During its stay in Capricorn it will make some rather important contacts with the outer planets:

    21st February trine Uranus: freedom from responsibility may beckon.

    14th March sextile Neptune: a little sensitivity may go a long way.

    20th March conjunct Jupiter: exuberance could get out of control.

    23rd March conjunct Pluto: me, me, me until someone gets in the way.

    As always you need to note the natal placement of Mars, the houses it rules (Scorpio is included here) and the aspects it makes and receives as well as the house (s) ruled by Capricorn where the planet is now transiting.

    I believe that this stay in Capricorn might be an excellent “test drive” for the Cardinal signs before Mars begins its very long stay in Aries, owing to the retrograde period of the planet, which takes place from the end of June until the beginning January 2021.

    A while ago, in another of my posts, someone commented that it would be interesting to see how the transiting planets affected people in their everyday life. Mars is the perfect planet to follow in this kind of experiment even if it’s not making any direct aspect to planets in your chart it is all the same transiting a certain house (or houses) and will affect the energy of that house.

    Anyone willing to keep a diary for the next six weeks or so and exchange notes on how this Mars transit has impinged on your life?


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