• MARS ENTERS ARIES 24-25th MAY 2022


    …no stopping me now!

    Mars will enter its home sign of Aries giving us all a hands-on, get-out-there-and-do-it energy.

    In the natal theme Mars represents our basic drive, our energy, the way we act thus our assertiveness and our anger.

    We experience our first Mars return at age 2 years and this is when we learn to assert ourselves by saying “NO” to everything and everyone. It is at this age that we learn how to control our Mars function, or not, if no-one is there to direct our assertiveness into the right channels.

    If for some reason we are unable to learn how to positively express our Mars energy, especially anger, then we could experience angry people and situations showing up in our lives with us being the victim or, Mar’s energy could take over completely.

    As astrologer Johanna Mitchell wrote* “Fire is warm and comforting in the fireplace; if a sparks leaps onto the carpet, however, there’s a potential for disaster. Learning to be alive (through our Mars) does not mean burning the house down.”

    Mars will be making the following aspects during his sojourn in Aries:

    29 May: conjunct Jupiter (3°19’) – use this energy to get things done not to provoke and/or overdo things.

    27 June: sextile Saturn (24°49’) – now you can direct that energy in a responsible way.

    Certainly, Mars will not only be travelling through a certain house in your natal chart but will almost certainly be making some major aspects (conjunction in Aries), opposition (in Libra), square (signs of Cancer and Capricorn), trine (signs of Leo and Sagittarius) to other planets and angles in your chart on his journey. Worthy of keeping an eye on, also the house cusps ruled by Mars in your chart (the signs of Aries and Scorpio). It would be interesting to see how this transit affects each of us and this is also an excellent way to better understand the workings of the planet in our real and everyday life.


    McEvers J. (1989), “Planets, The Astrological Tool”, Mars by Johanna Mitchell, pp.158-203, Llewellyn Publications, St Paul, Minnesota USA

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