• On the 10th of December we have some interesting planetary contacts.

    Mars in the sign of Libra, the sign of its detriment. Here he wants to adjust imbalances and fight other peoples’ battles or he might charm his way into getting anything he wants. On the down-side, with Mars in this sign you may meet aggression coming from others, in its projected form,Mars Declinatio Albumazar's Treastise on Astrology British Library so caution in needed before reacting.

    This somewhat charming Mars will form a transiting Cardinal T-square with and an opposition to Uranus in Aries and a square aspect to Pluto in Capricorn adding even more oomph to the already restless and transformative energy of the square that these two slow moving planets have been generating over the last year or so. With Pluto leading a Cardinal T-Square we can expect powerful, all-consuming obsessions and a tremendous self-drive which force a complete psychological transformation before being able to handle such potent energy perhaps involving sudden (Uranus) explosive (Uranus and Mars) endings (Pluto) in order to make a fresh new start. This T square is therefore particularly relevant to anyone having angles or planets in the signs of Aries-Cancer-Libra-Capricorn and the degrees 14-16 of those signs and particular caution is also advised to these persons.

    The same day, Venus also makes two aspects as it transits at 7° through the sign of Scorpio. Venus in Scorpio is passionate, sexually free from taboos and a little obsessed with sex maybe, but she can also show up as a mentally cruel and sadistic manipulator.

    The first aspect she makes is at 7° exact and it is semi-sextile (30° aspect) with the planet Jupiter transiting in Virgo. Semi-sextiles take place in adjoining signs which have very little to do with each other they are about learning. The sexual vamp, or the cruel manipulator, has nothing in common with Jupiter’s attention to detail and fussiness in Virgo but each could learn something from one another. Venus could learn to be more righteous and sexually discerning as well as more attentive to moral rules and regulations which Jupiter in Virgo knows so well, whilst Jupiter could learn that passion and depth don’t necessarily have to be planned prior.

    The second aspect that Venus makes that day is a trine at 7°09’ with Neptune in Pisces. Trines are easy to navigate and these planets are both in Water signs so emotions and feelings are the keywords. Neptune in Pisces wants sacrifice, universal love and sometimes martyrdom too, as well as spirituality and dreams. So on this day let’s steep ourselves in deep feelings of love, let’s day-dream about love, let us have great compassion in dealing with others and unselfish spiritual love but let’s try to avoid any type of illusion about love just enjoying whatever pleasant distraction this transit might offer us.

    And all the above as we attend the New Moon in Sagittarius to bring some optimism into our lives.

    How you doing folks?

    Illustration: Mars Declinatio, Albumazar’s Treatise on Astrology, S. Netherlands, British Library London UK