• The transiting nodes are reality checks on our soul path…

    On May 5th, the Lunar Nodes will ingress the Gemini/Sagittarius axis after having been in the Cancer/Capricorn polarity since 7th November 2018. Thus, the modality will change from Cardinal (Water/Earth) to Mutable (Air/Fire).

    With Nord Node transiting Gemini (ruled by Mercury), our communicative faculties are enhanced providing we are ready and willing to learn how to mingle and mix with other people (Gemini) and not just our family (previous NN in Cancer). However, if you find yourself insisting that your view is the only one or if you are afraid to challenge set ideas (Sagittarius) and established rules (previous SN in Capricorn) then perhaps you need to free yourself of the Sagittarian bonds that are holding you back.

    In the house where the North Node will be transiting in your chart you will be able to note the area of opportunity where rewards and happiness can be found, likewise in the Sagittarian area of your chart you may note vulnerability or sacrifice as you work through issues there.

    The nodes progress approximately 3’ of arc each day and are normally in retrograde motion with various stationary and direct periods. The nodes regress backwards along the ecliptic and employ 18.6 years to complete a full orbit spending about 18 months in each sign.

    The last time the transiting nodes were on the Gemini/Sagittarius axis was between March 2011 and August 2012 when the North Node was in Sagittarius and the South Node in Gemini. We have to go back to October 2001-April 2003 to find the North Node in Gemini and South Node in Sagittarius.

    What was happening in your life during those periods?

    The Moon’s nodes, also known as the Dragon’s Head (North node) and the Dragon’s Tail (South node), are the points of intersection where the plane of the Earth’s orbit around the Sun crosses the Moon’s plane of orbit around the Earth. Since the orbit of the Moon has an inclination of 5° 09’ to the plane of the ecliptic, there are thus two nodes in the Moon’s orbit around the Earth.

    Some modern astrologers describe the nodal axis as the “Axis of Fate” with the retrograde motion suggesting that present day happenings have their roots in the past, The North node represents the future and therefore we require some courage to enter unknown territory and the South node represents the past and the things we feel comfortable with. North node traits (our mission if you like) are to be cultivated and developed throughout our lifetime and events and opportunities that we meet during our existence push us (more or less gently) towards these qualities (the transiting nodal contacts to planets or angles in our birth chart). To learn about this mission you must first identify the position of the nodes in your natal chart. Nodal qualities are investigated by looking at the sign and house they occupy in your chart (1).

    Astrologer Pat Geisler (The Plain Vanilla Astrologer) ascribes to the nodes, among other things: “the nodes can indicate fame, recognition, success and opportunity as well as disgrace and public humiliation.” Talking about nodal contacts in relationships she adds “the nodes are particularly responsible for the ‘knots and ties’ of relationships. All enduring relationships have strong nodal ties from one chart to the other.”

    In the natal chart the North Node in contact with any planet (energy) shows the area (house) where growth and beneficial future developments may occur. South Node/planet contacts indicate that the individual is anchored to the past in that area (house) and energy (planet). In short: the North Node sees the exciting possibilities and the South Node understands the responsibility of change.

    The transiting nodes highlight the matters of the house axis that they are moving through and take on the flavour of any planet or angle they come into contact with but they work as a pair, one is open to the future, the other harnessed to the past. Particularly important are their contacts with the ASC/DSC and MC/IC which can indicate life changing events for you and these may occur on many levels, physical, emotional and spiritual.

    So which area of your chart will now highlighted by the transit of the nodes? Where do you want to get ahead and where are you bogged down?


    1 For further reading about the nodes I suggest Celeste Teal’s book “The Lunar Nodes”, Llewellyn publications, Woodbury, MN, USA

    Geisler P. (2013) “The Plain Vanilla Astrologer”, chapter 17, “The Moon’s Nodes” pp 99-104, ACS publications, Epping, NH, USA

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