• Jupiter conjunct Uranus in TaurusJUPITER-URANUS CONJUNCTION

    This present article is an extract from a longer talk on Jupiter in Taurus that was presented at the annual general meeting of the Association of Professional Astrologers International (APAI) in April 2023.

    Jupiter and Uranus have been in a continuous orb of each other (max 10°) since late July 2023 and will continue to be so until Jupiter enters Gemini on 26 May 2024. However, the two planets will conjoin only once at 21°50’ Taurus (antiscion 08°10’ Leo) on the 20-21st April (less than 1° away from the Jupiter-Saturn conjunction at 22°43’ Taurus in 2000).

    Jupiter and Uranus meet up approximately every 14 years and the last time they did so was a 3-hit conjunction which took place between June and September 2010 (respectively at 00° Aries and 28°43’ Pisces), with the third and last contact at 27°02’ Pisces in early January 2011.  The next conjunction will be a triple hit in the years 2037/2038 in the sign of Cancer.

    However, the last conjunction between Jupiter and Uranus in the sign of Taurus was on 8 May 1941 at 25°38’ Taurus.

    This conjunction is of course an aspect between two very volatile planets – Uranus, whose effect is sudden and unexpected, and Jupiter which amplifies all that it touches – in the sign of Taurus. This aspect thus principally regards our comfort zone with all its trappings as well as geological and financial events.

    About the Jupiter-Uranus conjunction, the late French astrologer André Barbault noted that there doesn’t seem to be much difference in the effect between single or triple conjunctions (the latter due to retrogradation of Jupiter) and often effects occur prior or after the aspect perfects.

    Barbault also posited that this particular upcoming Jupiter-Uranus conjunction might lead to another flare-up of war in Europe since the conjunction has been associated with warfare and important social unrest in the past and the Jupiter-Uranus conjunction follows on the heels of the Jupiter-Saturn conjunction with the waxing square between these two latter planets being a three-time hit on 19 August (17° Gemini-Pisces), 24 December (14° Gemini-Pisces) and 15 June 2025 (01° Cancer-Aries). It should be noted that Jupiter and Saturn have always been decisive in European affairs according to Barbault.

    Separating squares as the one between Jupiter and Saturn are often times of crisis during which we can put to test the ideas and events initiated at the conjunction seeing if they will stand the test of time or if they need adjusting in some way. The conjunction took place in the Fixed sign of Taurus and now the square is in the Mutable signs of Pisces and Gemini giving a less practical stance but one more empathic and future-oriented, useful if we need to reconfigure the course of our lives in some way.

    However, since the topic of this article is the Jupiter-Uranus conjunction, we could note another facet of this volatile aspect in an Earth sign which is of course the possibility of major earthquakes somewhere in the world. Particularly since the chart of the moment for the conjunction has Mars separating from a recent conjunction to Saturn (a lot of liquid energy struggling to advance or blocked – could be volcanic) and also in a separating sextile to the Jupiter-Uranus conjunction (adding some form of restrained energy to the expansivity and suddenness of the conjunction which could suddenly burst out) as well as the Sun and Moon which are both in aspect to Pluto, the former by square, the latter by trine (being faced with difficulties and pressure and finding it difficult not to let our emotions completely overwhelm us). Of course, earthquakes happen everyday all over the world and we’ve already had several major ones in recent months too. In fact, in 1941 when there was the last Jupiter/Uranus conjunction in Taurus there were several serious earthquakes in the Azore Islands, Saudi Arabia, Andaman Islands, Turkey, and China.

    Personally, I think this Jupiter-Uranus conjunction could indicate a huge volatility in the stock markets which could go either way (especially since the Bitcoin halving is programmed for the very same day as the conjunction). The connection with the Jupiter-Saturn’s last conjunction in the Earth signs (Taurus) could perhaps make this swing towards a rise in the stock markets rather than a fall, a final rush so to say as we endeavour to keep the status quo as we knew it before all the years of turbulence we’ve had since 2020, hanging on for our lives as Pluto starts his journey through Aquarius destroying and transforming social interactions and our outdated and impossible-to-sustain way of living.

    During the Second World War years there was a Jupiter/Saturn conjunction twice in 1940 and 1941 at 12° and 9° Taurus respectively. In 1941 there was also a Jupiter/Uranus conjunction at 25° Taurus.

    During that period, inflation was rising and reached 10% in America by the end of 1941 mainly due to difficulties in food supplies many of which caused by WWII, in a fashion similar to that which we are already witnessing at present times here in Europe. This Jupiter transit may keep the inflation going, even more so now that Saturn is transiting one of the signs ruled by Jupiter with ensuing difficulties in imposing boundaries and limits, especially with Saturn being in sextile by sign to the Jupiter in Taurus transit.

    I’d like to conclude with a quote from astrologer Roy Gillett taken from the March/April edition of the Astrological Journal: “This conjunction in Taurus could easily tear the physical fabric of the world apart, but it does not have to. Led by wiser heads, we could focus away from gratuitous purposeless violence.”

    The Sabian symbol for 22° Taurus: “White dove flying over troubled waters”, indicating the spiritual inspiration that comes to the individual in the overcoming of crisis.

    For the antiscion point at 09° Leo: “Glass blowers shape beautiful vases with their controlled breathing”, indicating the need to involve one’s most spiritual and vital energies in the creative act if it is to produce significant and beautiful new forms.

    Which area of your chart will the Jupiter-Uranus conjunction fall in?


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