• everything-in-nature-is-balanced…time to gain new perspectives about how we can change our relationships

    We associate Jupiter, the first of the “superior” or outer planets (affecting the collective rather than the personal) with growth, expansion and luck which, if exaggerated, can also lead to greed and dissatisfaction in some cases, making us believe that the grass is greener elsewhere and so prompting us to explore further

    Jupiter has been transiting the sign of Libra since last September and stops in his tracks at 23°08’ before seemingly, but not actually, moving retrograde. Libra is about connection and relationships, it is ruled by a rather extrovert version of Venus (who also rules the more pragmatic Taurus) so it also has to do with fairness and equality in partnerships, which don’t always mean the same thing! It is also a sign that desires compromise, not wanting to rock the boat, thus giving a tendency to consider others before ourselves.

    Thus Jupiter in Libra can be associated with truth, justice and kindness towards ourselves in first place and then towards others as a consequence.

    After his four-month retrograde cycle Jupiter will station direct at 13°13’ Libra on 9th June and this transit will affect persons with planets or angles between 24-12° of the Cardinal signs of Capricorn, Aries, Cancer and Libra. Worth taking note of is also the antiscion degree of the retrograde station at 6°52’ Pisces.

    Since Jupiter is the ruler of the traditional 9th (Sagittarius) and the 12th houses (Pisces which he co-rules with the modern ruler Neptune), the axes involved in the traditional zodiac are between the 9-3rd and the 12-6th houses. The 9-3rd axis highlights our awareness of the process of integration and understanding of our ideas and thoughts (3rd) in relationship to their usefulness in our worldly philosophy (9th) and the 12-6th axis wants our soul (12th) to recognize our body (6th) as a vehicle.

    We have an opportunity over the next four months to turn inwards and gain deeper insights into spiritual or philosophical issues since our wisdom will flow with more ease from the subconscious to the conscious self.  This is also an excellent period during which to seek out underlying truths concerning current matters of the house where Jupiter is transiting in our natal chart. In this way we may come out of this retrograde period with an inner sense of contentment and optimism about our future potentials. For some however, this period may also involve delays and/or problems with long distance travel and finances, perhaps because more money than expected has to be spent for it!!

    Now is the time to contemplate new fresh approaches about how we can separate ourselves from previous social standards that have been stifling our inner growth. Perhaps we could also ask ourselves where and how we can make any necessary changes in the matters of the house that it is interested in the transit by embracing truth, justice and kindness in all we meet.

    We all look forward to Jupiter transits, even the so-called “harsh” ones because we believe that they will bring us luck in that sector of the chart in which the planet is transiting, only to remain disappointed when nothing seems to have changed for the better in our lives after the transit has passed. In whatever house it is transiting in our natal chart it helps us to, so as to say, “grease the wheels” and backs projects that we have in mind as well as encouraging us to gain new perspectives in that sector of our chart where it is transiting.

    Jupiter, in his positive form, expands, smooths the path, helps us along the way BUT we have to start the action, we have to take that leap of faith, then he will aid us on our way but if we fall into waiting for the good things to happen then we’re going to miss the whole point of this transit….Jupiter is lazy…he needs to be prodded so it’s up to you and you alone to pick up his energy. Got it?

    During the retrograde period Jupiter will make the following aspects:

    27th February opposite Mars (Libra-Aries 22°26’)

    2nd  March opposite Uranus (Libra-Aries 22°09’)

    30th March square Pluto (Libra-Capricorn 19°17’)

    12th May trine Mars (Libra-Gemini 14°22’)

    19th May opposite Venus (Libra-Aries 13°52’)

    The Sabian symbol for 24° Libra: “A butterfly with a third wing on its left side.” Indicating the ability to develop, for inner strengthening, new modes of response to basic life situations.

    “Life remains unchanged

    till a leap of faith

    runs towards heaven”

    ― Santosh Kalwar, Three Line Poetry #21


    Which house(s) is Jupiter now transiting in your natal chart? Where do you need to gain insight during this retrograde period?


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    Image: everything in nature is balanced…artist unknown