• …which underlying beliefs have you examined during the retrograde?

    Jupiter stations direct at 13°20’ Scorpio on the 10th of July (antisicion 16°40’ Aquarius).

    We have had an opportunity over the last four months to turn inwards and gain deeper insights into spiritual or philosophical issues since our wisdom will have been able to flow with more ease from the subconscious to the conscious self.  This has also been an excellent period during which to seek out underlying beliefs concerning the current matters of the house where Jupiter is transiting in our natal chart because here diamonds are surely to be found, but only by those who were prepared to dig deep and expose the real from the fake. In this way we may come out of this retrograde period with an inner sense of wholeness and confidence in our future potentials.

    The retrograde period was the time to contemplate innovative approaches about how we might separate ourselves from previous, personal opinions (or phobias) that have been stifling our inner growth. Perhaps we could also have asked ourselves where and how we could make any necessary changes in the matters of the house that it is interested by the transit by getting to terms with any emotional beliefs that we might have been denying for too long, such as questions about power/manipulation – who has it and who uses it.

    Now, is the time to put those new found approaches into practice.

    We associate Jupiter, the first of the “superior” or outer planets (affecting the collective rather than the personal) with growth, expansion and luck which, if exaggerated, can also lead to greed and dissatisfaction in some cases, making us believe that the grass is greener elsewhere and so prompting us to explore further.

    Scorpio, ruled by Mars (traditional) and Pluto (modern) is linked to the eighth house of the zodiac which deals among other matters with death and rebirth, other people’s resources, taxes, inheritances, transformation and sexuality (modern astrology). The down-side involves mystery, suspicion, manipulation and deviation.

    “Technically, the only way water can be fixed is when it is ice.

    Certainly the iceberg, like Scorpio, reveals little of itself,

    the greatest part being submerged

    and treacherous.” (1)

    As soon as we think about the sign of Scorpio then the planet Pluto comes immediately to mind. We might like to recall that Pluto was given co-rulership of Scorpio some years after its discovery in 1930 and that Mars (the lesser malefic) in fact has always been the traditional ruler of Scorpio and is still worth considering as such.

    Therefore if I say Jupiter-Pluto then matters such as, finding hidden treasure, enormous wealth, deep psychological truths, tremendous power, strong convictions, manipulative power, spiritual transformation, fanaticism and arrogance might pop into your mind.

    Jupiter-Mars contacts conjure up scenarios such as fighting for beliefs, (self) promotion, getting into trouble, romping around, wanting to play, gambling, having too much energy, being self-indulgent and very extravagant.

    As you can see, the possibilities in positive and negative are various and plentiful, basically, it’s up to us to decide just which energies we intend to put to our best use. Some ideas for Jupiter in Scorpio thus might be: bringing our darkest parts to light, illuminating our shadow, more sexuality, exposing covert activities,  positive changes in psychological taboos, not accepting limitations or facts as they are presented but carefully examining them with an open attitude.

    During Jupiter’s transit in the house ruled by Scorpio in your chart (and the contacts it makes to planets and angles as it moves through that house) maybe you should ponder on the following questions:

    Where am I under-valuing myself in my life? How can I dig deeper to get to the core?

    Where have I been settling for less rather than more? What have I been overlooking?

    Why am I keeping myself back in some way? How can I do some self-promotion?

    And…have I been over-estimating myself in some sector of my life? Do I need to bring myself back down to earth?

    Nonetheless, I’ve found that Jupiter transits are heralded by great expectations but usually deliver about 10% of what we hope for if we don’t take up or search for opportunities in that sector of life which the transit touches. So,

    create your own opportunities!

    The Sabian symbol for 14° Scorpio: “Telephone linemen at work installing new connections.” Indicating the need to establish new channels of communication.

    For 17° Aquarius: “A watchdog stands guard, protecting his master and his possessions.” Indicating the development of capacity to protect oneself and to safeguard one’s individual rights under complex social pressures.

    “I found a way to see in the dark. Close your eyes.” J.R. Rim, Better to be able to love than to be loveable


    1 Freeman M. (1981) “How to Interpret a Birth Chart: A Guide to the Analysis and Synthesis of Astrological Charts” Aquarian Press

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    Image:Donna Scorpione, purchased from Istock