Once more from my talk at APAI on the 29th April:Jupiter Pluto square

    “Before I begin to discuss Jupiter, I would like to digress for a few minutes to go over some background aspects that involve Pluto and the Jupiter-Saturn conjunction which took place on the 21st December 2020 at 0°29’ Aquarius. Jupiter also aspects these points as well as squaring Pluto.

    The Jupiter-Saturn conjunction took place in the Air sign of Aquarius and ended a 600-year period of the conjunction in the Earth signs, except for the last but one conjunction which took place three times in the Air sign of Libra between December 1980 and July 1981, preparing us, as James Hillman wrote in his Book “The Soul’s Code”, “to leave behind consumerism and adopt a sense of community”.

    Pluto was already in Capricorn during the most recent conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn and both these planets had just left Capricorn. Pluto entered Aquarius on the 23rd March, just over a month ago, and on the 1st of May it will station to turn retrograde at 0°21’ Aquarius, very close to the Jupiter-Saturn conjunction degree.

    Now that Pluto hits the degree of the Jupiter-Saturn conjunction and lingers there for around 40 days we should begin to see a transformation (Pluto) of responsibility (Saturn) regarding the Aquarian topic of social welfare as well as an increase and generalisation (Jupiter) of the fear (Saturn) regarding a fanatical authority (Aquarius ruled by Saturn) and a nationalism (Jupiter). I think that by the end of the Pluto transit in Aquarius the social media as we now know it will no longer exist and there will more than likely be more class and gender equality as far as riches and privileges are concerned.

    Pluto will also be squaring the transiting nodal axis for a long time this year, it began with the planet’s entrance in Aquarius and will continue until the planet re-enters Capricorn on the 11th of June and then again come into force as the nodal axis enters the Aries-Libra axis on the 17th of July remaining in a 5° orb until the end of November this year. Pluto square the nodal axis usually hints at a block of power of some kind with people being unable to express their ideas and society at large suppressing whatever actions they might want to undertake. Ambition is huge but the audience isn’t willing to listen and people may see each other as a threat leading to disruption and destruction. The square from Jupiter magnifies all this of course whilst Pluto remains in Aquarius.

    So, the first contact Jupiter makes after its ingress in Taurus is a square to Pluto at 0°18’ Aquarius very close to the Jupiter-Saturn conjunction and this occurs on the 17-18th of May.

    To me that seems like a hinting back to the times of the Jupiter-Saturn conjunction in the Earth signs and in fact I believe that the first part of the Jupiter transit in Taurus will give the majority of us a boost of optimism and a hope of a “return to normality” as we knew it, and that is when owning, earning and hoarding were the priority for most of us born during the more recent Jupiter-Saturn conjunctions in the Earth signs prior and following the 1981-1996 period when the conjunction first occurred in the Air sign of Libra.

    There will be a generational exception to this aspect however and it will involve the Millennials born between 1981-1996 when there was a test-drive Jupiter-Saturn conjunction in the Air sign of Libra, preparing those born during that 20-year period for the new era to come, perhaps putting the emphasis on relationships and finding new ways of bonding and sharing (those born in the early ‘80’s also experienced the Saturn-Pluto conjunction in Libra, again focussing on relationships) the ensuing Jupiter-Saturn conjunction in year 2000 returned to Taurus and the Earth element. These young Millennials born between 1981-1996 now have been 25 and 42 years of age and will certainly make up the majority of our leaders and trend-setters in the years to come, fortunately and hopefully prepared with the right mind-set for the role that awaits them.

    And, of course, the square aspect from Jupiter to Pluto will amplify ambitions to succeed and the struggle this will need, whatever these might mean to the single individual or global event. It is separating square between these two planets since the three-hit conjunction in 2020 spanning degrees between 22-24° Capricorn usually suggests a sort of crisis of the route started upon at the conjunction, a testing time as it were to see if the course taken was correct or if it needs adjusting and if we are willing to do so.”

    “The power of the people is much stronger than the people in power” Wael Ghonim



    Hillman J. (1997), “Il Codice dell’Anima”, capitolo II, pp 63-82, CDE Spa, Milan, Italy