• 7576e874472aabbd69e10d930070d630 man with telescopeFinding your faith in something bigger, believing that the best has yet to come at its most positive!

    During this transit we might be searching for “signs” and experiences that confirm our own (idea) of spirituality and one way to achieve this would certainly be through meditation since the veil between worlds will undoubtedly be very thin now.

    However, we must learn to discern fact from fantasy and this may be difficult during the 5-6 days (prior and post) surrounding the exactness (7° of each sign) of the aspect which occurs in Europe on 16th September this year. This is not a period for blindly believing what you hear or what you see since the sheer wish to believe that something might be true could be much stronger than the actual facts and these facts may well be much better understood when the transit is well gone. Trust your instinct…if it doesn’t “feel” good then it probably isn’t.

    It is certainly a transit to watch, even trying to write about it is quite a job! How can you explain something that might be a big deal (Jupiter) but that could also be just out of reach (Neptune)? Frustrating no?

    The aspect is an opposition, Jupiter must meet Neptune halfway, Jupiter is much more an “all or nothing” planet doing things “halfway” isn’t really his thing. If the pendulum swings to one side more than the other then we could meet the other end as projection and meeting a projected Neptune could lead us to believe far too much in fantasies rather than realty and lead the door open to disillusion and heartache.

    Therefore, Jupiter in opposition to Neptune, in the right balance, on a global level, means big faith, religion and belief systems at the forefront, lots of people wanting to help others, love and above all, empathy. If the balance leans more towards Neptune then victimization, grief and sorrow on a large scale could be more the case. I don’t think it’s a coincidence that especially in Europe we are witnessing a mass exodus from the troubled lands of the Middle East to the safer shores of what (to them) seems to be an idyllic haven under this opposition which will soon turn into a square aspect with first Jupiter and then Neptune squaring Saturn in Sagittarius (the latter being a much longer transit but that’s another story).

    Is this opposition hitting any of your natal planets or angles and what houses does it involve in your chart?



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