tolerance becomes difficult

    From cold and moist to hot and dry, on 10th May Jupiter moves out of Pisces where it has rulership, for a 5-month foray into Aries where it will remain until 28 October, stationing retrograde at 8°43’ Aries (antiscion 21°17’ Virgo) on 28th July.

    Jupiter being hot and moist and Pisces being a cold, wet sign could have brought rains and floods in some parts of the world as the planet transited Pisces but Jupiter in Aries seems better fitted to wild fires, droughts and extreme heat some of which have already appeared on the world scenario.

    Aries is a Cardinal, pro-active sign and Jupiter amplifies all that it touches, that “me-first”, “win all at any cost” attitude could become unbearable and very dangerous in the wrong hands.

    Aries is, of course, the sign of warfare so no wonder we’re in the middle of what could become a military escalation on a global scale with its focal point in Ukraine. Jupiter’s last stay in Aries (June to September 2010 and January to June 2011) heralded the start of the Arab Spring revolution and going back in time we can find military aggression in various parts of the world each time that Jupiter has been transiting Aries (1999, the Kargil War between India and Pakistan, 1987, the Iran-Iraq war, 1975, the fall of Saigon and the end to the Viet Nam War, which began during the previous Jupiter-in-Aries trek in 1963. Before that it was the Korean War (1951) and the start of WWII (September 1, 1939) – dates and events are courtesy of Bill Merriman in his April newsletter, see link in bibliography.

    What was going on in your life during the last period Jupiter transited Aries?

    Certainly, Jupiter in Aries is great for endeavours or shows of strength of any nature. Thus, bravery and courage should be duly rewarded whilst firmly condemning acts of aggression that might put our or other peoples’ life in danger. So, this could be a really exciting time for some but also a difficult time for many due to those people and nations that pick up and use the exaggerated aggressiveness of this placement to threaten others.

    On a more personal level, Jupiter in Aries might indicate a person who has big ambitions with a tendency to bite off more than he can chew at times. A Jupiter in Aries person could be a great promoter in sales, religion, politics or whatever. Confidence and self-esteem usually ooze out of these people making them natural leaders.

    The myth:

    Jupiter, or Zeus as the ancient Greeks knew him, was the King of the Olympian gods. He was omniscient, knowing and seeing everything, as well as dispensing good and evil not only in the Heavens but also among the mortals on the Earth. Although married to a very jealous spouse (Hera) he had great difficulty keeping his private parts under his tunic and managed to have many extra-marital affairs with goddesses and mortals alike thus producing an incredible number of children who he always left to be raised by others.

    So, we associate Jupiter with growth, expansion and luck which, if exaggerated, can also lead to greed and dissatisfaction in some cases, making us believe that the truth and future are elsewhere and so prompting us to explore further.

    I’ve found that Jupiter transits are heralded by great expectations but usually deliver about 10% of what we hope for if we don’t take up or search for opportunities in that sector of life that the transit touches.

    “The test of courage comes when we are in the minority; the test of tolerance comes when we are in the majority.” Ralph W. Sockman

    Which house(s) is Jupiter transiting in your chart and what aspects is it making to natal planets or angles?




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