• JUPITER IN VIRGO 2015-2016

  • A cartoon illustration of Zeus with a thunderbolt.

    Jupiter, or Zeus as the ancient Greeks knew him, was the King of the Olympian gods. He was omniscient, knowing and seeing everything as well as dispensing good and evil not only in the Heavens but also among the mortals on the Earth. Although married to a very jealous spouse (Hera) he managed nevertheless to have many extra-marital affairs with goddesses and mortals alike thus producing an incredible number of children who he always left to be raised by others.

    So we associate Jupiter with growth, expansion and luck which, if exaggerated, can also lead to greed and dissatisfaction in some cases, making us believe that the grass is greener elsewhere and so prompting us to explore further.

    Jupiter in Leo was at its brassiest and most dramatic (as well as at its most generous), now it will enter Virgo, the sign of its detriment, where it will stay for the next thirteen months. It’s a bit like waking up after a long all-night binge party to find oneself suddenly embarrassed by show and pretence and all things gaudy. Virgo tends towards modesty, loves serving others but inclines to overthinking and worrying, far too attentive to the small details to see the big picture, especially where health and diet are concerned.

    So Virgos, rejoice, since opportunity, if not sheer luck, should abound during Jupiter’s stay in your sign. All transits are about change and with Jupiter we feel the need for a change for the better. During Jupiter’s transit in the house ruled by Virgo in your chart (and as it contacts planets and angles as it moves through that house) maybe you could ask yourself a few questions, such as:

    Have I been under-valuing myself in this sector of my life?

    Have I been settling for less rather than more?

    Am I keeping myself back in some way?

    Asking yourself this kind of question and listening to your answers will mean using the energy of Jupiter (expansion and growth) to its best during the year to come. This is the teaching of a branch of astrology known as “Evolutionary Astrology”. It’s a way of engaging yourself in your own journey instead of being passive and hoping for the best. I’ve found that Jupiter transits are heralded by great expectations but usually deliver about 10% of what we hope for if we don’t take up or search for opportunities in that sector of life that the transit touches.

    On its travels through the sign of Virgo:

    Jupiter will oppose Neptune in Pisces (ruled by Neptune and Jupiter) perhaps bringing about mass consciousness of a new form of spirituality. (13th-21st September 2015)

    Jupiter will also trine Pluto in Capricorn (ruled by Saturn) bringing a surge of power to the political arena on a world-wide basis. (12th-16th October 2015, 11th-18th March 2016, 23rd-29th June 2016)

    Jupiter will square Saturn in Sagittarius (ruled by Jupiter) which on a worldly level could bring further religious unrest to the forefront in the news. (22nd May to 4th June 2016)

    Which house will Jupiter be transiting in your natal chart?