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    So now that Jupiter is firmly into the sign of Virgo we might like to have an idea of what a Jupiter transit could mean in each of the houses. Bear in mind that Jupiter will still have the Virgo flavour to it whatever house, planet or angle it is transiting in your chart.

    Where Jupiter transits you find that life flows easily and that your plans have a better chance of being successful. Since Jupiter is the planet of growth and enlargement this can also make you put on weight especially if aspects to your natal Sun are also involved. Its transit also opens our mind and our consciousness to embrace wider knowledge.

    The house where Jupiter is transiting indicates the area of your life in which you are endeavouring to grow and how you go about doing this. Things usually go well under this transit but since Jupiter enlarges please make sure that you’re not exaggerating in the things that you do or taking more than your share. Even the square and the opposition aspects are usually enjoyable providing you don’t overdo things.

    Also…be careful what you wish for because you may actually get it!!!

    Let’s see how this transit could work out in the various houses:

    First House

    It’s a time of learning and gaining new experience and a good year on personal terms in which you’ll meet up with people who you could reciprocally benefit from. However Jupiter in first could take you on an ego trip, making you over-bearing and self-righteous, so if you do succeed in your endeavours this year don’t let success go to your head…remember, you’re still learning!

    Second House

    This transit is great for making money or gaining wealth through material possessions, it brings new ideas on how to increase whatever it is you really value. It could also make you overspend or squander resources if you aren’t careful. Jupiter in this house invites you to grow through learning to handle your possessions so it is also an excellent time for investments.

    Third House

    Here Jupiter increases your contacts in your immediate environment, this includes neighbours and siblings. It could also involve advanced training in some study that could turn out useful for you in the future, this may involve writing or journaling in some way or even joining a forum on internet where you can express your view point. One of the concerns of the third house is our mind-set so Jupiter here could literally expand your mind, blowing away old thought patterns and attitudes that no longer serve you.

    Fourth House

    This is a very personal house, involving home, your inner-self, family and your past and Jupiter here will help you improve all these areas of your life as you seek inner peace and security. A physical manifestation of this transit could be buying or selling real estate or you may decide to re-vamp your present abode to make it more comfortable. Whilst on a psychological level this transit could manifest at a level of increased self-confidence.

    Fifth House

    In a word: FUN. You’ll be feeling merrier than usual during this transit as your self-expression expands and you find the courage to do your own thing. This could involve new love affairs, the arrival of children or spending more time with your own children or looking after children in general, it could also mean cultivating your hobbies in a more public way or gambling, something I don’t advise unless of course you are naturally very lucky at this.

    Sixth House

    This is the house of duty, attending to duties that contribute to your personal growth in particular. The sixth house is the one traditionally associated with the sign of Virgo and so attention to diet and health, which could be excellent during Jupiter’s stay here, but…you could also gain weight in this period! You may also change your job for better under this transit with an improved position or greater power or just get on better with your boss and/or co-workers who show their praise of you.

    Seventh House

    This transit usually favours the onset and maintenance of all one-to-one partnerships, also marriage, in some cases, and often with a person who is slightly older than yourself. You could also meet people with whom you set up a mutual-advantage type of relationship, you don’t want to go “solo” under this transit and appreciate the help of like-minded individuals. If you start legal matters during this time and have to go to court then the outcome is usually favourable for you, providing you have every angle covered and don’t allow Jupiter to let you overlook the details.

    Eighth House

    Under this transit you are likely to benefit from other peoples’ resources so it might be a good time to enter into a business relationship in which you and the others involved pool your resources, asking for a bank loan is also a favourable option. If you have been under a lot of psychological tension before this transit then Jupiter will aid the healing process within you. Studying meta-physical literature is also indicated.

    Ninth House

    Jupiter’s own house in traditional astrology. A time when the perspective of your life may be expanded immensely. You may have opportunities for extensive overseas travel, you may meet and interact with people from foreign lands or you may take up philosophical or meta-physical studies. This is also a great time for publishing any written works you have so that these can reach a larger audience.

    Tenth House

    Time to think about your career, your social status and your reputation. You try hard to move ahead in any or all of the afore-mentioned sectors and you should succeed as long as you don’t become an over-bearing know-it-all. So, all things being equal, you can expect a promotion, public recognition or esteem of your peers during this time. You may also have to travel for your work during this period or have dealings with foreign lands.

    Eleventh House

    Hopes, wishes and ideals all become important under this transit. Your friends may actually help you in this and you could become involved in more group activities. It’s not a time to do this alone since working with others will teach you a lot of important things about yourself too. Whatever you put out during this transit will come back to you in an even greater quantity.

    Twelfth House

    This transit allows you to learn a great deal about the spiritual and religious dimensions of your life without the shock of coming face-to-face with the less desirous aspects of your character. You have the ability to look more compassionately at yourself, the world and other people without judging but just acknowledging. You may meet a person who acts as a spiritual teacher to you during this time or you might play this role for someone else. This house, which is traditionally attributed to the sign of Pisces is also co-ruled by Jupiter together with Neptune.

    Wishing you a happy Jupiter transit!