• Jupiter in TaurusJUPITER ENTERS TAURUS 

    Here are some excerpts from the talk I gave at the APAI (Association of Professional Astrologers International) meeting on the 8th of May:

    After a 12-year absence, Jupiter enters the sign of Taurus on the 16th of May.

    The last time Jupiter was in Taurus was from 4th June 2011 to 11th June 2012.

    Jupiter is the largest planet in our solar system and there are more than 60 satellites or Moons orbiting around it, some of which have only been identified recently.

    Alan Leo in his book “The Art of Synthesis” gave a sort of monicker to each of the planets and Jupiter was called “The Uplifter”

    He suggested that Jupiter is related to the magnetic aura surrounding every living creature and thus the Earth signs relate to the physical or health aura, the psychic aura belonged to the Water signs, the mental aura to the Fire signs and the aura of the higher self to the Air signs.

    He also stated that Jupiter is never an extreme but always a mean between extremes, a harmony keeper of sorts due in part to its governance of the two mutable signs Sagittarius and Pisces which are also double signs.

    However, many of the Jupiterian characteristics come directly from the Greek god after whom the planet is named.

    Jupiter is the English name for the Roman god Giove and the Greek god Zeus.

    He was the only one of his siblings who was not swallowed whole at birth by his father Kronos or Saturn as we now know him. This was because his mother Rhea hid him and gave her husband a stone to swallow in his place. So, right from birth Jupiter was considered lucky and this trait is also one of the many attributed to Jupiter to this day.

    He was raised on milk and honey by the nymphs into whose care his mother put him to hide him from his father. This happy childhood gave him the confidence that he could cope with whatever life threw at him. Another trait associated with the planet.

    His first wife, called Metis, whose name means wisdom and prudence, was in fact quite a number and she drugged Saturn making him vomit and expel all of Jupiter’s siblings among which were Hades (modern-day Pluto) and Poseidon (modern-day Neptune). The three brothers divided the universe between them, Jupiter took the heavens and the dominion over the gods, Pluto the underworld and Neptune the kingdom of the seas and rivers. And from this we get the trait of generosity.

    From his mountain top of Mount Olympus in the heavens, Jupiter hurled down thunder and lightning on his subjects giving the idea of Jupiterian superiority and being able to see and intuit what was going on. Another Jupiterian trait.

    Jupiter was also continuously unfaithful as a husband. Fathering children from goddesses and mortals alike. More is better, another Jupiter feature!

    This is the second time in a row that Jupiter spends the entire time of its transit in the sign of Taurus without retrograding into Aries or pushing into the next sign of Gemini to then retrograde back into Taurus. Why am I saying this?

    Because a continuous stay in a sign is not a given for any planet. However, as in all things astrological there is a pattern to these continuous stays in the sign transited and each planet has its own particular pattern.

    Jupiter in the sign of Taurus isn’t particularly at ease, enjoying dignity by term only between 15-22° of the sign. Jupiter is a hot, moist, masculine, diurnal planet and it will be transiting a cold, dry, female, nocturnal sign. Opposites often attract and complete each other and since Jupiter expands and broadens any sign it touches and the sign of Taurus can be associated with finances, materialism, sensuality as well as being practical, pragmatic and patient (and stubborn I may add) I think that matters could proceed well with a new bout of optimism invading many and a positive hope for the future, at least during the early part of the transit.

    Of course, the sign of Taurus has already been under disruption since mid-May 2018 when Uranus entered the sign. In recent years we have in fact already witnessed many ups-and-downs in world finances with magnates first making and then losing huge amounts of “virtual” money and countries working up huge internal debts in order to face the ever-demanding need to finance internal budgets due to external and extraordinary events such as a pandemic and a war in Europe. We have also witnessed many earthquakes and volcanic eruptions around the world as well as new and unusual foods being proposed as a novel way of eating since alimentary products, medicine and other commodities have suffered serious disruptions to supplies mainly due to the effects of the pandemic on the world as a whole. Women’s rights too have been seriously hindered when not shoved back into the dark ages (I mention Iran and Afghanistan among the main culprits here), but we’ve also had tiny improvements with more women being admitted to political power in the Western world and more women feeling the need to resign from important positions in the political world.

    Jupiter will further expand on these themes hopefully in a more positive way.

    “I find, when you’re an optimist, life has a funny way of looking after you.” Simon Sinek


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