• A huge bump in welfare benefits?

    Jupiter, the planet of plenty, faith and optimism, enters the Fixed Air sign of Aquarius and seemingly makes a dash to get out of the sign as soon as possible! In fact, on May 13th the planet makes its ingress into watery Pisces only to re-enter Aquarius by retrograde motion on July 28th.

    Aquarius’s traditional ruler is Saturn, so Jupiter moves from ambitious, stern Capricorn to the more future-oriented, individualistic yet collectivist sign of Aquarius. The modern co-ruler of this sign is Uranus now transiting in a square aspect to its home sign.

    The last time Jupiter transited Aquarius was from January 2009 to January 2010, what was happening in your life then?

    Some Aquarian facts that happened that year and that speak of expansion of technology to which Aquarius has been long associated:

    April – launch of the first Ipad by Apple

    May – Uber goes live in San Francisco

    October – Instagram debuts

    In Aquarius, Jupiter hints at big ideas and ideals that are not always feasible, it also glorifies personal freedom and champions human rights. Too much optimism could however lead to superficiality and the refusal to examine how sustainable the theories and ideals might just be. Remember that Aquarius is a Fixed Air sign so some ideas and rational just stick too much even when they prove lacking in some way.

    However, Jupiter in Aquarius is also about believing that ordinary people can do something good for the collectivity. Freedom, humanitarianism and democracy lend themselves to tolerance in matters that might not yet be considered as morally or socially correct. We may finally realise that we are all equal, as least as far as our primary legal rights are concerned.

    Gender equality and more rights for all will become the norm under this transit. As will new ways to exploit technology to make life easier in a completely new way. We will learn to become more socially aware and less “social” obsessed.

    “Those who deny freedom to others, deserve it not for themselves” Abraham Lincoln, Complete Works – Volume XII


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    Artwork: myskypie2020