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    Charts used but not shown: Italian Republic 10th June 1946, 18.10, Rome, Italy

    Restrictive procedure: 10th March 2020, 08.30, Rome, Italy

    Firstly, lets consider the natal chart for the Republic of Italy, and in particular the secondary progressions at 10th March 2020, when the new restrictive order became law after its publication in the “Gazzetta Ufficiale” at 8.30 on 10th March 2020 in Rome.

    The SP Sun is at 29° Leo, conjunct the fixed Royal star Regulus, which can confer fortune and fame but its benefits do not always last. The 29° itself is a critical “all-or-nothing” degree that brings out the utmost of the characteristics of the sign as the planet prepares to occupy a new position in the zodiac. So, we might expect an exaggerated sense of self (as a country) wanting to make a mark on the world with decisive actions and self-confidence. On June 9th 2020, the day of the Solar Return of the Italian chart, the Sun will advance by secondary progression to 1° Virgo and, due to the movement of the fixed stars (1° every 72 years) will find itself still conjunct Regulus. After approximately 30 years of Leo flamboyance we will find ourselves in the much more pragmatic, practical, demure and modest energy of Virgo and hopefully with a great desire to help and assist. The Sun will be exactly conjunct the MC which in mundane charts indicates the government or Prime minister of the country.

    The years when the progressed Sun changes sign are usually pivotal for any chart.

    The SP Moon is already in Cancer, family mode, and will enter the balsamic Lunar phase on the 21st March 2020. Balsamic phases are the dark of the Moon before the light when destiny, transformation and release can be planned before the SP New Moon which will take place at 3° Virgo on 25th August 2023. Interestingly, the Solar Directed Moon is opposite the SP Moon and transiting Mars is conjoining it. It’s a 2-8 house axis opposition: fears for our family are contrasted by new restrictions that could unsettle us. This present “drama” could well lead to a totally new way of managing health care and a huge change in our daily habits and way of life.

    Balsamic Moon phases always bring trauma of sorts. The former two phases took place from:

    1961 to 1964, it began in the sign of Taurus (1-7 house axis) and brought issues such as the movement of the labour force from the countryside (Taurus) to the cities (from here 1 to there 7), the introduction of the welfare state and led to the economic boom as the Secondary Progressed New Moon took place in the sign of Cancer.

    1990 to 1994, it began in the sign of Gemini (2-8 house axis) and brought fear and terror from the Mafia attacks as well as “Tangentopoli” but led to a worldwide acknowledgement of Italian creativity, style and sportsmanship as the Progressed New Moon took place in the sign of Leo.


    According to traditional astrology, several planets represent the present outbreak of viral pneumonia known as Covid-19:

    Mars – inflammation/infection (Saunders)

    Jupiter – inflammation (Saunders), pneumonia (Ptolemy)

    Saturn – inflammation of mucous membranes (Ramesey)

    Mercury – dry cough (Saunders), carrier (Gadbury, Lilly, Partridge, Saunders)

    It’s not surprising thus to find 3 of these planets (Mars, Jupiter and Saturn) in the Saturn ruled sign of Capricorn and operating on 2/3-8/9 axes of the national chart. Mercury is about to return over the IC and the 4th house for the 3rd time after his recent retrograde period. We could read this as the epidemic causing great anguish and undermining our confidence, and that the emergency measures in act will cost a lot of public money to finance and thus a lot of economic damage to the country (2-8 axis). It may also mean that the virus has been travelling in our neighbourhood but came from afar (3-9 axis).

    The new restrictive law putting the entire country into a protected zone was published by the “Gazzetta Ufficiale” on 10th March 2020 at 08.30 and became immediately effective.

    The chart shows the cluster of Capricorn planets around the MC (our premier/government) and a stationary Mercury in the 11th house of social activity quincunx Moon, thus well showing the aim of this bill to stop all social interaction in order to prevent the virus from spreading and the annoyance of a certain group of people (the ones who think they are immortal).

    This sudden decision caught the country by shock (Ascendant ruler Venus conjunct Uranus in 12th   house) and literally secluded it from the rest of the world.

    The Moon (representative of the people in mundane charts) is in Virgo, just separating from the Full Moon and still severely afflicted by the opposition from the Sun (reducing all social contacts to a minimum didn’t go well with a lot of people, especially those in areas little affected by the virus).

    Saturn is about to change signs for a brief period as it enters Aquarius (24th March) only to retrograde back into Capricorn in July. Mars too, will enter Aquarius at the end of March and meet up with Saturn again. Jupiter will remain in Capricorn until December. So, as we can see the planets involved in the epidemic aren’t moving away from each other in a significant way.

    However, Mercury (the carrier) will soon re-enter the sign of Pisces where it is in detriment and fall this gives good hope that it will be weakened to the point of no longer being able to transmit the virus thanks to the rigorous containment we have endured. I think this could take just under two months of time since Mercury is presently stationary in a fixed sign and succedent house.



    Artwork: myskypie2020

    Copyright: myskypie.com2020