• Horoscopes for October 2015

    I suggest that you read both your Sun sign and your Rising sign (Ascendant).

    Aries 21/03-20/04

    Feeling a bit exhausted after all those comings and goings last month are we? No worries, you’ll be up and kicking again by mid-month and ready to charge into the next adventure! Work and romance are still very upbeat and the urge to splash out on something luxurious and extravagant may be hard to repress. Try not to be too pushy if the relationship is still quite new…take time to smell the roses as they say…it’s the journey that counts not the destination!! Unfortunately patience is not one of your virtues and passion will definitely run high towards the end of the month.

    Taurus 21/04-20/05

    The happy streak continues from last month with love, romance or children being your main focus for most of the month and this will cause you to become extremely emotional (boy isn’t that a strange feeling?) around mid-month. Maybe someone’s missing from your life or there’s a parting of sorts for some reason and this makes you sad but also joyful for them because you know that’s how it should be. Ease off the blues in the way you know best…pamper yourself, do things that make you feel good, like having a massage or meeting up with friends who know how to cheer you up.

    Gemini 21/05-20/06

    Family matters are on your mind for most of the month. Perhaps you’re feeling a bit discouraged as the month starts, you want above all to get ahead in your own right but someone seems to be creating obstacles to hold you back, or is it you who’s afraid to move forward? Whatever, quite a lot of unselfishness is required at the moment and these feelings of restlessness and impatience may lead to verbal overspill (oh you’re so clever with words!) if the wrong buttons get pressed. The best advice is to try to see the bigger picture instead of focussing on the day-to-day upsets which will resolve themselves in due time.

    Cancer 21/07-22/07

    The spotlight this month is on short trips, siblings and communication in all its forms (well I’d rule out telepathy unless you’re already gifted in this sense) so please don’t allow an initial pessimism regarding your perceived status quo to get you down early month. Emotional relationships will reach peak intensity mid-month and make you full of hope for a better future so open your heart instead of hiding inside your shell. Likewise, towards the end of the month please don’t let your fears turn into the habitual “bitchiness” especially towards family and colleagues…’cos they might just bite back!

    Leo 23/07-23/08

    With the boost in optimism from last month you’re now learning about what you value and really coming to terms with, and understanding that, what we own does not really define us. Around mid-month there could be some new enterprises on the table to discuss…but will they deliver what they promise and put you in the light you deserve? And…are you willing to continue sacrificing precious “me” time for work? Haven’t you already had problems in your relationships because of this in the past? The end of the month is a great time to make peace with your partner if disputes have arisen in this area of your life.

    Virgo 24/08-22/09

    Personal and/or business relationships are still highlighted this month and you may feel at bit under stress during the first week because of your need to go into details. You’re determined to change your life in regard to love and romance and mid-month the time does seem right for a new adventure or a new twist. Please be careful not to be too unrealistic in your expectations…is this new person really so perfect? Attention also about what you say and how you say it in the later part of the month…that is, only say what you really mean…if they turn you on physically it’s not automatic that you have to fall in love with them or to tell them so!

    Libra 23/09-22/10

    Something’s bubbling under the surface, you can’t quite put your finger on it but it’s there and it could become nagging. It’s a strange feeling of discontent, more about life in general that something specific but it’s affecting home and work. Perhaps these feelings are really helping you to open your eyes and you’re beginning to see reality which may not be as pleasant as you would wish but don’t lash out without first considering the consequences…feelings can be hurt even if you think you’re being diplomatic. Things get better during the last ten days when you find passion and enthusiasm with your partner.

    Scorpio 23/10-22/11

    The future may seem a bit dull as the month starts off but you really do have the means to change your sort. Mid-month sees a big mood swing for the better as hopes and dreams seem a real possibility and relationships get intense, one of you is certainly very much involved!! Is it you? If not, then try at least to be tactful (you pride yourself on telling the truth but would you really like to hear what you have to say put like that?) Whatever, the month closes in a flurry of fun be it with your partner, lover or friends and you’ll feel generous towards all. Lighten up a bit!

    Sagittarius 23/11-21/12

    Work, work, work but lots of personal satisfaction in this realm too after a not so easy start to the month, largely due to your perceived shortcomings rather than the actual facts of how your life is going, where’s your natural optimism? Towards mid-month the mood picks up and you’re ready for some new happenings in your social life too. A lot of satisfaction could be gained from artistic pursuits this month so don’t dismiss these activities as a “no-go” without first trying them. Another part of satisfaction could come from spending money for something that appeals to you which is great if you have it to spare.

    Capricorn 22/12-20/01

    It’s time to expand your mind this month and an overseas trip would be ideal for those having time and money to spare. If this is not the case then visiting an art exhibition or a museum or going to a concert would all fit the bill equally perfectly. That said, there’s no need to burden your family and friends with the new ideas and concepts you discover, they may have different interests…remember, variety is the salt of life! You could put into practice some new way of self-expression (a new hobby?) this month that may have cropped up from something you’ve learned recently.

    Aquarius 21/01-19/02

    Joint finances, taxes, money you share (or have to share in the case of taxes) with others, business or sentimental-wise, are under scrutiny this month. You may spend money extravagantly with your partner or you may be thinking of asking for a bank loan for some business enterprise. In either case get your facts right first ‘cos mid-month your mind may be a bit cloudy and lead to bad decision making. For this reason any kind of carelessness regarding money and finances is heartily advised against. On the plus side physical passion should be high all month…and that’s usually free!!

    Pisces 20/02-20/03

    Intimate relationships are centre stage again this month. An initial bout of pessimism soon turns for the better as you see possibilities to make wrongs right. Mid-month you might actually see a way of leaving behind your martyr attitude to take on the real unselfishness of your sign. New opportunities do actually seem just around the corner and plans for the future slowly begin to take shape. You’re also willing to invest sentimentally and financially into relationships as you discuss new ways of using joint resources together with your partner.