• Full Moon in VirgoFULL MOON IN VIRGO

    Don’t get too wrapped up in the details…

    This Full Moon will occur at 05°23’ Virgo (antiscion 24°37’ Aries) only just a day after Mercury, dispositor of this Full Moon moves into the sign of Pisces (in opposition to the sign of Virgo).

    Mercury in its detriment and fall in Pisces and also combust by means of its vicinity to the Sun so the dispositor of this Full Moon is severely debilitated and unable to function well.

    The Moon itself forms the handle of a bucket chart formation. The energy of the planets on the opposite side of the chart to the Moon channel their energy through this worrisome, detail-oriented Moon. The rim of the bucket formation consists of Uranus and Pluto with Uranus being closest to the Moon and certainly influencing and coaxing the Moon to be more adventurous.

    The Sun is not only close to dispositor Mercury but also to Saturn (both seriously debilitated in Pisces and also combust) thus rendering even more ineffective Saturn’s famed grounding effect.

    On a mundane level I believe that the people (Moon) are getting seriously worried about the global situation and that the Sun (leaders), already weighed down by Saturn, will be unable to make use of the opportunity presented by the sextile to Jupiter (bolstered in turn by a difficult square aspect from the Mars-Venus conjunction in Aquarius – desperately needing to get out of the place between a hammer and a hard rock) which seems to tantalise with a promise of a win-win financial situation from Taurus.

    There are no planets in the Fire element in this chart. Lack of Fire often shows up as lack of drive and low vitality tending towards the pessimistic side and no wonder since the “vital” energy planets are all traditionally ruled by Fire signs (Sun-Leo, Mars-Aries, Jupiter-Sagittarius). Likewise, there are no planets in the Cardinal signs and five each in the Fixed and Mutable ones making for a chart that needs to find a balance between being flexible yet having to run on the spot to dissipate the energy of at least four disruptive planets (Pluto, Mars, Uranus, Jupiter and Venus all Fixed).

    Full Moons are also known to be times when things climax, when we decide that enough is enough for certain aspects of our life because we avert an intensified conflict between two major areas of our life and we need to find a way to honour both. They shine a light on the area that is “hidden” and in this case, in traditional astrology, all matters concerning the 6th house and the sign of Virgo. This is certainly more evident when the Full Moon closely aspects any personal planets or angles in your chart (2-4° of the mutable signs: Virgo, Sagittarius, Pisces and Gemini), it also depends on the houses involved in your individual chart.

    The house axis in traditional astrology which is involved in this Full Moon is the 6th – 12th one, Virgo-Pisces; intellect vs intuition, effort vs surrender, judgement vs compassion etc.

    Virgo and the 6th house respect the physical body and thus fitness regimes and diet which are involved in the healthy functioning of our bodies. Its shadow side however tends to treat the body as a slave, pushing it to its physical limits until injury or illness force us to pay attention. Virgo is very discriminating and delights in helping people, its shadow part tends to judge and falls into servitude by keeping itself over-occupied in the hope of escaping feelings of powerlessness and loneliness.

    This Full Moon could thus be a good moment to step-up the ways that aid our emotional well-being.

    In his book “Moon Phase Astrology”, author Raven Kaldera calls this Virgo Moon phase the

    “Spinner’s Moon”

    he or she who spins the thread of life for each and every one of us. On this Full Moon he suggests that we count our web of obligations, whom we owe, who owes us and how we feel about these obligations. And, moreover, who will be there to catch us should we fall? For him, this is also a good time to render service to others in a selfless way.

    The Sabian symbol for 6° Virgo: “A merry-go-round.” Indicating the first experience of the dynamic intensity of life processes and of the possibility of using them to reach a characteristic ego-satisfaction.

    For 25° Aries: “The possibility for man to gain experience at two levels of being.” Indicating the revelation of new potentialities.

    “There is nothing worse than a sharp image of a fuzzy concept” Ansel Adams


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