• The spookiest night with a Full Moon to light up the hidden corners so that we can see the Uranus surprises even better!

    The Full Moon will take place at 8°38’ Taurus (antisicion 21°22’ Leo) and will be in an almost exact (to the minute) conjunction with retrograde Uranus. It’s the second Full Moon in a calendar month (October) and as such is known as a “Blue” Moon.

    The lunation chart is another of those heavy in Earth elements and Cardinal modes so we should be acting with our heads on our shoulders so to speak, moving forward with sense and practicality.

    It falls on the Taurus-Scorpio axis, 2-8 houses, our values vs the values we share with others, peace vs emotional storms, material comfort vs emotional drama etc

    Moon in Taurus is exalted according to traditional astrology and is so closely meshed with Uranus, which also opposes the Sun in Scorpio, emotions will be running wild or perhaps too fast for slow, steady and sensuous Taurus and the Sun in Scorpio also needs time to process emotions since, being a fixed Water sign, it’s always in a maelstrom of emotions on its own. And none of the fixed signs appreciate the type of sudden change that Uranus might bring to the table.

    Or, putting in a more simple way; we could say that our gut feelings (Moon in Taurus) might get an unexpected jump start (Uranus) putting them in sync with what the Sun in wilfull and secret Scorpio might have in mind. (Best case scenario)

    Venus, the dispositor of the Moon stands alone as a singleton in Libra, so, quite at home in its usual undecided and indefinite way looking over the rest of the chart wondering who it might be able to play with.

    Mars retrograde, ruler of the Sun in Scorpio is still within orb of a square to the “big” three in Capricorn (Jupiter, Pluto, Saturn), once direct in mid-November, it will perfect the square to these planets and I’ve a feeling that the effects produced won’t be pleasant…but more about that next month. Let’s get our heads around one thing at a time.

    In this lunation chart however Jupiter, planet of luck, hope and fortune is on the degree of the lunar nodes making it an important game player for this time of harvest (Full Moon). Jupiter in Capricorn is not in particularly good condition however and may fail to deliver or mishandle whatever promise it might be carrying. It is also quincunx the North Node indicating that if success or good luck is to be had it won’t be without a struggle.

    Full Moons put the spotlight on the darker side of life, where we need to question our motivations and recognize if we are coming from a place of love for ourselves (Taurus) or suspicion and jealousy (Scorpio). It poses the question of what needs to be understood and transformed. The Taurus-Scorpio axis with the Moon occurring in Taurus means that Scorpio is the dark side with all its trust issues and its penchant for drama and jealousy whilst Taurus indicates that awareness of love and comfort is the way out of Scorpio’s dilemma

    Raven Kaldera in his book “Moon Phase Astrology” calls this Full Moon

    “the Earth Mother’s Moon”

    According to him, it’s a time when we should take care of our body and the physical (not emotional) needs of others. We could ask ourselves on this Moon questions such as: “Am I eating healthily?”, “Do I need a medical check-up?”, “Am I sleeping enough?” “Do I feel good at skin-level with my clothes or does fashion prevail over my comfort?” “Am I getting enough hugs and regular body contact from my loved ones?” On this Moon we need to find the answers to the above questions and fix what is not working.

    Most interested in this lunation will be those with planets or angles at 6-10° Taurus or Scorpio and the antiscion point of 22° Leo in their birth chart.

    The Sabian symbol for 9° Taurus: “A fully decorated Christmas tree.” Indicating the ability to create inner happiness in dark hours.

    For the antiscion at 22° Leo: “A carrier pigeon fulfilling its mission.” Indicating spirituality, in terms of training for service to mankind.

    “When it rains look for rainbows, when it’s dark look for stars.” Anon


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