• Full Moon in PiscesFULL MOON IN PISCES

    “Hello from the other side” (Adele)

    The Full Moon will occur at 17°41’ Pisces (Antiscion 12°19’ Libra).

    With only Jupiter R in the Fire signs, the lunation chart is lacking in oomph and grounded in practicalities (4 planets in the Earth signs). The Modalities are heavily Mutable showing that at least we have the flexibility to change plans at occurrence.

    Moon’s dispositor Jupiter R (traditional) is in a separating opposition to a stationary Mercury (dispositor of the Sun) in relationship oriented, fair-play Libra whilst its co-ruler Neptune R (modern) is in the same sign as the Moon and under an applying conjunction to the luminary. The Moon is also applying a sextile to Uranus R and separating from a square to Mars. Will our emotions (Moon) be overwhelmed (Neptune) by too much rhetoric (Mercury in Libra, Sun in Virgo and Mars in Gemini) from those who are crusading (Jupiter R in Aries) for a futuristic renovation of our resources (Uranus R conjunct North Node in Taurus) and a past that we find difficult to leave (Saturn R parallel South Node and Saturn square Uranus) and that may come back to haunt us? Mercury, still at a standstill, is conjunct Fixed Star Diadem which for some indicates (self) sacrifice.

    In the Western world we tend to indulge ourselves in feeling-based activities on full Moon days but in Tibetan Buddhist monastic tradition this is a day devoted to the purification of “negative” karma during which people are encouraged to indulge less, thus creating space to contemplate the true nature of reality (1).

    In traditional astrology the Pisces Full Moon is connected to the 12-6th house axis and the Pisces/Virgo opposition, in short; in the 12th house our energy goes with the flow whilst in the 6th house we arrange our energy ie.: we plan life. The Pisces/Virgo opposition lends to dynamics such as chaos vs order, compassion vs criticism, all-inclusivity vs discrimination etc.

    Pisces is a mutable, Water sign and this Full Moon will have impact on persons who have planets or angles at 15-20° of the other mutable signs; Pisces (conjunction), Virgo (opposition) and Sagittarius and Gemini (square).

    Raven Kaldera in his book “Moon Phase Astrology” describes the Full Moon in Pisces as the

    “Healer’s Moon”

    since Pisces demands deeply personal service as opposed to its opposite sign Virgo who believes that the best type of service is rendered impersonally. So, on the Healer’s Moon we are invited to find ways of bringing healing to others in some way. Healing can in fact take on many forms be these physical, mental, emotional or spiritual.

    The Sabian symbol for the Moon at 18° Pisces: “In a gigantic tent, villager witness a spectacular performance.” Indicating the collective appeal of a well-staged and exciting display of skill and/or oratory.

    For the antiscion at 13° Libra: “Children blowing soap bubbles.” Indicating the cultural fantasies through which young minds dream of perfect fulfilment.

    For the Sun at 18° Virgo: “A Ouija board.” Indicating the ability to contact deeper recesses of the unconscious psyche and sensitiveness to psychic intimations and omens.

    “I sleep among ravishing illusions and wake to their burden.” Virginia Woolf

    Which house does the Full Moon fall in your chart?


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