• is it “me” or “we” time for you?

    The Full Moon will occur at 10°45’ Libra, a Cardinal, Air sign ruled by Venus, the very same day that Venus enters Taurus, the other sign it rules.

    This is the second Full Moon in the month of March which in itself it rather rare and is known as a “blue Moon”.

    During Full Moons the Sun and Moon are in opposition to each other; the head (Sun) and the heart (Moon) are out of kilter, Aries is about the “me” whilst Libra is about the “we”.

    While Aries loves challenges and initiations, fighting for them if necessary, Libra, a Cardinal Air sign, wants partnership and prefers fairness and justice in all relationships, but these are also values that can be fought for too. What do we value most, ourselves or our relationships? And again, are we reflecting our true selves in our relationships or are we making do and letting fear make us possessive and jealous?

    The Sun and Moon are just separating from a Cardinal T-square with an apical Mars-Saturn conjunction in Capricorn, Mars is still OOB and thus much more unpredictable in its manifestation. Cardinal T-squares can produce a tremendous drive for action but they can also lead to overdoing. The Mars-Saturn apex can give great determination and courage in the area that we choose to use the energy but the combination also suggests caution in our actions and reactions especially since the Sun’s dispositor Mars is tightly involved.

    The Sun is also hugging a retrograde Mercury which is also disposed by Mars and brings us back to the Mars- Saturn conjunction in stern Capricorn. Another suggestion that slow and steady is the best solution to any plan rather than steam-rolling our way out of problems whilst disregarding our intimate needs to be at ease with our own self-worth before facing relationships issues.

    The Moon’s dispositor is Venus entering Taurus, the other and more practical sign it rules, on this very same day. Venus is also applying a soft, wide trine to the Mars-Saturn conjunction suggesting that it’s time to face our relationship issues head-on acting in ways that benefit physical closeness, affirming our sensuality and our right to feel good.

    Full Moons are when matters climax, they are “now or never” moments regarding any projects we have initiated or intentions set at the preceding New Moon fourteen days ago.

    This lunation takes place on the traditional 7th-1st house axis, Libra-Aries the “you” vs “me”, compromise vs assertion, relationship vs independence etc. Most affected by this Full Moon are those people with planets or angles in the Cardinal signs of Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn. Allow a 2° orb for contacts.

    Author Raven Kaldera calls it

    the “Artist’s Moon”

    according to him, it’s a great time to start creative projects and an even better time to pick up those creative projects you’ve put aside or forgot about or lost inspiration in. It’s also a good time to go public with your art (or your talents I might add).

    The Sabian symbol for Sun at 11° Aries: “The ruler of a nation.” Indicating the power resulting from the formal integration of the collective desire for order.”

    For the Moon at 11° Libra: “A professor peering over his glasses at his students.” Indicating problems attending the transmission of knowledge in a special cultural setup.

    “In this story I am the poet. You’re the poetry.”   Arzum Uzun

    Who will have your attention on this Full Moon?



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    Image: “everthing in nature is balanced” artist unknown