• …. Less me and more we?

    Early morning (GMT) on the 21st January there will be the first Lunar Eclipse of 2019 at 00°52’ in the fiery sign of Leo, the “look at me and respect me” sign whilst the Sun in Aquarius encourages us to take a less egoistical view of the world. It will be the first of three super Moons in a row since it is at its closest to the Earth during these lunar phases, it will also be the last eclipse along the Leo-Aquarius axis, the next ones will start in 2036.

    The last lunar eclipse* around this degree was at 01° Leo on January 21st 2000.

    What was happening in your life then?

    Uranus, the traditional dispositor of the Sun in Aquarius is minutes away from the anaretic degree of 29° in the sign of Aries, the crisis-oriented point for any planet as it prepares to leave a sign. Saturn, the traditional ruler of Aquarius is in Capricorn about to make a sextile aspect to Neptune in Pisces (14°) helping to bring spiritual needs into focus without too much drama. Saturn is also squaring Mars in Aries (14°) which could lead to conflicts with others since this is a testing time for ourselves and how we want to proceed. It is not a time however when we can afford to take unnecessary risks but could easily be a period of slow and certain progress.

    Whilst Solar eclipses manifest as external events in our lives, Lunar eclipses indicate more intimate, emotional changes which could of course still manifest as external events if the brooding that accompanies our innermost vicissitudes causes changes to our behaviour at an individual level. Such events are in fact brought about by behavioural modifications caused by our own thoughts and feelings.

    Personally, I consider only the conjunction and opposition aspects to eclipses (the square only if the Sun or Moon is affected in your chart) and orbs should be less than 2°. Most affected therefore will be those with planets or angles at the beginning of the fixed signs (Leo, Scorpio, Aquarius, Taurus).

    This Eclipse affects the Aquarius-Leo axis or the 11th-5th houses in traditional astrology. Leo wants recognition as an individual…”look at me, watch me” whilst Aquarius wants teamwork…”let’s do this together”. We need to tune our individuality to the mood of the group in order to work compatibly together whilst not overlooking our own unique talents.

    This eclipse belongs to the Saros series 2 South* which according to Bernadette Brady involves

    “unusual groups and the individual’s involvement in these groups.”

    Eclipses can be considered as a “spotlight” on the matters of the house axis where they occur in your chart (particularly so if personal planets or angles are involved in the eclipse degrees). It shines its light and brings to our attention those areas of our lives that need to be addressed for some reason. Dealing with these matters, once identified, could lead to a life-changing event in some cases. However, since events under eclipses are often unexpected and sudden it’s not always possible to prepare in advance but having a notion of the matters of the houses interested in the event could give us an inkling as to where the disruption might come from.

    Raven Kaldera in his book “Moon Phase Astrology” calls this Full Moon in Leo

    the “Queen’s Moon”

    a time, according to the author, “when we take charge of a situation or, failing this, pay homage to a woman who is in a prominent position”.

    Which reminds me that several astrologers are calling this eclipse the “Royal” eclipse since 00° of the fixed signs are prominent in the natal charts of several members of the Royal family in England (Queen Elizabeth: Sun: 00°12’ Taurus, Prince Charles: Moon 00°25’ Taurus, Prince William: Jupiter 00°29’ Scorpio, Prince Harry: Pluto 00°33’ Scorpio. This might indicate another  “annus horribilis” for them.

    Transiting Mars will also cross this 00° degree as it enters the sign of Taurus on the 14th of February as will Uranus as it enters Taurus on the 6th of March.

    Eclipses have a stronger effect on tides, tectonic plate movement and our moods of course and these manifestations might be felt in the days coming up to the event or when the above-mentioned planets (Mars and Uranus transit the eclipse degree).

    The Sabian symbol for the Moon 01° Leo: “Blood rushes to a man’s head as his vital energies are mobilised under the spur of ambition.” Indicating an irruption of bio-psychic energies into the ego-controlled field of consciousness.

    For the Sun at 01° Aquarius: “An old adobe mission in California.” Indicating the power inherent in all great human works to endure far beyond the workers’ life span.

    A motto for this Lunar Eclipse and Full Moon:

    “Limitations live only in our minds. But if we use our imaginations, our possibilities become limitless” Jamie Paolinetti

    Does this total Lunar eclipse touch any planets in your chart?



    *to learn more about the Saros cycles “ Brady B (1999) “Predictive Astrology, The Eagle and The Lark”, chapter 5 Eclipses and Saros Cycle, pp 334-335, Red Wheel/Weiser LLC, San Francisco CA USA. The last one at 01° Leo belongs to another Saros cycle however.

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    Image: lunar eclipse Al Biruni Moon Phases