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    A few months ago I started doing something that I’d been meaning to do for a couple of years: keep track of the Moon as it moved through the signs and houses of my natal chart on a daily basis during each month.

    Although this involves jotting down the movement of the Moon on a daily basis as well as noting the mood or the matters you’re dealing with each day for at least a year in order to get an idea of how the day-to-day Moon placement affects you on a personal level, I’m already seeing a pattern of sorts emerging.

    I have Mars-Sun tightly conjunct in Gemini which means I’ve a huge amount of mental and nervous energy to deal with, my brain can only be silent in bite-size junks of time. This translates into me having always been a poor sleeper or, at the best, having needed much less sleep than others.

    Now, I’ve noticed that when the Moon travels through the signs of Virgo (squaring my Mars-Sun) and Sagittarius (opposing my Mars-Sun) I’m in for a restless night, whilst when the Moon is in Pisces (squaring my Mars-Sun) I have less problems because my natal Moon is in the sign of Pisces.

    Each sign the Moon travels through in your natal chart corresponds to one or more houses of that chart and the affairs of that or those houses will be highlighted during the approximately 2.5 days it takes the Moon to go through a sign. New Moons should also be accounted for since the matters of the house or houses it involves will be at the forefront of your attention for the following month.

    If I’ve raised your curiosity and you’d like to track the Moon too then there are several ways of doing this, I’ll suggest a couple:

    • Download a free app for your smart phone, I use “Phases of the Moon” on my Android phone but there are several different versions available, be it for Android, Iphone or Windows. This is one of the easiest and more accurate ways since the app also includes your actual location.
    • Visit the www.astro.com website, half-way down the page on the right hand side you’ll find a list of the current planetary positions for the day, the Moon is the second one listed.

    If you’re unsure about the meanings of the various signs and houses then perhaps you would like to dig out from the archives of the blog my articles entitled “Back to Basics 2” and “Back to Basics 3” where these are explained in more detail.

    Do you keep track of the Moon on a daily basis? If so, care to share your findings?